GANGSTER : Movie Review

I did not have any expectations from this movie ... BUT ! when its music got released(and became a smash hit), my opinions started to change. I thought, OK- it may be one of those movies which have good songs but a poor script(So what, if the movie is from Bhatt camp, they also give flops). But, no ! I was wrong. Movie got released and positive reviews began to flood in. I made my mind to watch it and BANG !

What a brilliant movie it was. I loved it.

So, read the review, if you have not made your mind to watch the movie, GO SOON !



Akash : Emraan Hashmi
Simran : Kangana Ranaut
Daya : Roshan 'Shiny' Ahuja


Director : Anurag Basu
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt
Story : Mahesh Bhatt
Screenplay : Anurag Basu
Dialogues : Girish Dhamija


Lyrics : Sayeed Qadri, Mayur Puri, Nilesh Mishra
Music : Pritam Chakraborty


(Caution : Here, story is revealed in detail. This will certainly ruin a bit of your joy of watching the movie. So, YOU CAN SKIP THIS SEGMENT IF YOU WANT TO !)

So, you are not going to listen to me :) OK, enjoy then !

Daya is a GANGSTER. His love interest is Simran. He is always on the run from Police. To ensure the safety of Simran, he sends her to Seoul(South Korea). There Simran gets pretty alone as Daya calls her once in a week. Simran begins to feel very lonely and she becomes a drunkard. Then, she meets Akash - a simple,sweet,good looking guy- who sings in an Indian Restaurent there. Akash falls in love with Simran and so does she. When things were just looking to calm down for Simran, Daya comes to Seoul and find out about her girl-friend's new affair. He beats up Akash. Simran tells him that she does not love him (though she loves him). She says that she does not want to be with a GANGSTER. Daya says that he is ready to lead a normal life, he demands one last chance. Simran starts to live with Daya, and Daya becomes a decent man. Its then, when Simran realizes that she's pregnant (Courtesy Akash:) She meets him, Akash persuades her to help the Police to catch Daya. Simran falls for the trick and she betrayes Daya(Remember, the tag line of the movie, 'She fell in love with him, the day she betrayed him'). Daya is caught by the Police. Simran then finds out that Akash is actually a Police-man who was just using her to catch Daya. Simran begins to feel guilty. Meanwhile Daya gets Death Penalty. Simran goes to Akash's house and shoots him. In the shoot out, she also gets hurt. And, in the end...

Everybody dies !

(See, I had already warned you - Now, don't blame me, that I've told EVERYTHING )


First of all- it is not a dark-gangster story, its a love story. And that too - a very different one. GANGSTER is a story about a girl who is torn between 2 relationships. The story, screenplay and dialogues are very well written. But, most importantly, the whole credit goes to Anurag Basu who has steered the ship very well. Film's start is a bit shaky, but once you get the hold of the story (that is almost after half an hour), its a roller-coaster ride ! Interval Point, second half both are just brilliant. Its the pace of the story, the twists'n turns which holds your breath. The sign of a good movie is that you cannot predict, what's going to happen next - GANGSTER definitely has that extra-edge !


Shiny Ahuja(Daya) is best, then comes Emraan Hashmi(Akash) and then the new girl Kangana(Simran). Director Anurag Basu has done a great job by extracting a great performance by all the 3 lead actors. Gulshan Grover in a small role is effective and leaves his presence. Debutant Kangana certainly has the looks but she needs to work more on her dialogue-delivery. Emraan is improving with every film, but the SERIAL-KISSER tag is still with him :)


One of the most important aspect of the movie is its music. Pritam has done a wonderful job-Music of the film is already a smash hit. All the songs goes very well with the movie, every song has story running through it. And, offcourse, how can we forget some great lyrics by Sayeed Qadri, Mayur Puri and Nilesh Mishra.

RATING : (on a scale of 1-5)

Story - 3.5
Direction - 4
Performance - 3.5
Music - 4.5
Overall - 3.5


A complete Paisa-Vasool.
Go for it, guys !!!

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