My review on SWAMI RAMDEV


Few Facts

What is Yoga ?
Does it really work ?
Oh..come on, its an old practice, isn't it ?
Only Grand-Pas do it !
I cannot do those tough Asans !

I am also the one from the bunch of you people. I also had similar views, similar questions. I also pin-pointed to every single Sadhu-Mahatma out there which are making money out of people's faith and devotion(Infact I still have same feelings for all the frauds out there...). I also considered it old fashioned. BUT, my views changed when I started doing it. My views changed when I saw millions of people getting its miraculous advantage. My views changed when I saw people arising out of their death-beds and living a healthy life.(who had no hope left according to modern medical science!)


Yoga is a science. Yes, believe it or is the fact. I am not going to 'bore' you people by telling the long-old-classic definition of Yoga. For us simple people, Yoga is just a tool to be FIT and HEALTHY. Now, how does this work ? What does it contain ?For centuries, people had in mind the fact that, Yoga is something special. It is not for us. BUT, BUT, BUT...........Thanx to one man called Swami Ramdev who made Yoga and Pranayam a household name. Yoga does not mean those gruelling Asans only.

What does he teach ?

Swami Ji's main emphasis is on Pranayams. Pranayams are breathing excercises that anybody can easily do. His main pranayams include 'Kapaal-bhati' and 'Anulom-vilom' pranayam. Beside this, he teaches very few basic asans also - the easier ones. He tells you about the desi medicines which you can have at your home. Most of you must have seen people rubbing there nails, its an excercise which prevents hair-loss.

What are the BENEFITS ?

Hold your breadth now, because, I am now going to list the diseases which can be cured by Yoga. Here, we go...

1. Cancer
2. Hepatitis-B
3. Heart Diseases
4. Asthma
5. Diabetes
6. Migraine
7. Epilepsy
8. Bronchitis
9. Jaundice
10. Slipped-Disc
11. Paralysis
12. Ulcer
14. Weight loss
15. Stomach Problems
16. Low/High BP
17. Cervical
18. spondylitis
19. sciatica
20. spinal problems
21. sinus
22. Hair Fall
23. Skin Problems
24. Eye Problems
25. Ear Problems
26. Pregnancy related disorders

.......blah.....blah......blah...... list is endless..........
I can bet you would have not even heard of half the diseases mentioned here(unless, you are a doctor!). Apart from this, if you are not suffering from any diseases, then Yoga ensures that you remain fit and healthy, ALWAYS !

The Most Important thing

CONSISTENCY. People start Yoga, do it for a few days or so and then leave it. And, can you guess the bahana every second person gives, 'time nahin milta yaar'. Well, it is the most important thing, you have to do it REGULARLY. Just half-an-hour(atleast!) a day, is NOTHING in compared to what you'll get in return.

Second thing, do these pranayams only when your stomach is empty. Almost after 4-5 hours of your diet.

Few Quick FAQs

Q. How do I learn these pranayams?
A. The best way is to attend a week long Yoga-Science-Camp. You can find more information for the camps at Another way is, you can learn it by watching it on Television -Astha Channel, every morning 6:00 AM and every evening 8:00 PM. Many other channels also show swamiji's programmes. And the easiest way is to learn from any person who knows it, and finding such persons becomes a much easier options when almost 20 Crore people of India are doing these Pranayams.

Q. How much this cost?
A. It does not cost even a single penny. Afterall, who can charge you for breathing. It is true that Swamiji's camp has a nominal fees of 500/- to 1500/- something(for a week, normally), which is also a very cheap option, compared to lakhs of rupees being spent on allopathic medicines. Beside this there's donation which is absolutely on your choice.

Q. There are so many frauds these days, how do I trust this so called Mr. Swami Ramdev?
A. Swamiji himself say, 'If you don't want to trust me, you are free to do so, BUT, just do these pranayams yourself and see the difference'(People have seen the difference in as short as 3 hours, when they have lost atleast 1-2 Kgs of weight in this short time).

So, I strongly recommend Swami Ramdev to everybody- kids to teenagers to adults to elder people to everybody else. Miracles have happened to people doing these pranayams. Its your chance now, don't remain seated there and point your fingers to me, to Swami Ramdev or to any other babas....JUST DO YOURSELF AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

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