Marble Rocks

Visited Bhedaghat(Marble Rocks) yesterday, with Kakku, Ashish and Mamaji. It was a nice experience, this was the first time I went there on my bike. We bathed in the river Narmada. The water fall was as always beautiful. Though, it was less terrifying this time. May be because the water was less, or may be because my point-of-view-of-seeing-things is changed(or matured! u can say).

Well...abhi toh kuch naya nahi hai life mein. #C classes are going on. MP-PET ke liye toh padhna hi band kar diya hai ab, 'coz my JUIT is almost final. Lets see !

p.s. - Saw a beautiful sight yesterday while bathing in the river Narmada. Hope to write some story on it, keep waiting !

Today: Went #C coaching at 5:00 PM. Ankush dikha tha wahan par. Shaam ko Onu se mila. Went to Mandir also. Then we went to Chowpati. Kal Prateek ke Bhaiya ki shaadi hai, wahan jaana hai. Saw Brazil-Australia Fifa WC match. Brazil won 2:0. Nice match.

Victory is delicious

Imagine this. A cricket match. A local school ground. 8 players(4 on each side). 8 Over match. A perfect example of gali cricket !

First team comes to bat. Scores 35 runs. In between, a batsman hits the ball, a fielder dives for it, gets injured badly. His palms get small cuts and starts bleeding a bit. But, the show goes on. Then this fielder bowls. He bowls 2 overs, gives 6 runs and claims a wicket. Then comes the second team to bat. Opener batsman scores 22 runs. 3 out of 4 batsman gets out for a score of 26. Now, 12 balls are remaining and 10 runs are to be made. The injured player comes to bat. He cannot even hold the bat properly since his palms have cuts and while playing strokes, the contact with the bat's grip was worsening the pain. He bats. After an over, the statistics read: 6 balls to go, 5 runs to be made. He makes 3 runs out of first 3 balls. 4th and 5th balls of the over were dot balls. LAST BALL TO GO, 2 RUNS TO BE MADE. Every fielder comes close. Bowler balls the delivery, and this batsman hits the ball over mid-off fielder's head for 2 runs. VICTORY !!! How soothing.

And, can you guess, who the injured player was.

YES !!!

I'll miss u

So, Finally...
I am taking admission at JUIT-Waknaghat. Counselling is on 29th June.
I'll be leaving on 27th for counselling and then the session starts from 24th July.

A new world is awaiting for me, the world called college-life...lets see !

From very long I've dreamt of it. Like, how my college life would be ? et cetera. And, now that dream is turning out into a reality. I am not at all sentimental about it, but phir bhi !

Ab toh chinta hone lagi hai, ki mere dost yahin chhut jaayenge. Yeh sahi hai ki naye dost bhi banege, lekin aap doston ko compare toh nahin kar sakte na ! Meri yahan ki life bhi koi itni fairy-tale life nahi thi, joh mujhe iska zada dukh ho. Still, I'll miss it. The thing I'll miss the most is certainly......Oops, sorry can't name it. Ha ha !

Life's going smooth. Aaj baarish ho rahi thi. Main, Anurag, Nishant, Utkarsh, Pallav, Suprit aur Prateek; we planned to play cricekt at MLB ground. We played 2 games and then we played football. Though I don't know much about football, still...I thought to give it a hand(read:legs). We won 7-3. Bahut mazaa aaya.