I'll miss u

So, Finally...
I am taking admission at JUIT-Waknaghat. Counselling is on 29th June.
I'll be leaving on 27th for counselling and then the session starts from 24th July.

A new world is awaiting for me, the world called college-life...lets see !

From very long I've dreamt of it. Like, how my college life would be ? et cetera. And, now that dream is turning out into a reality. I am not at all sentimental about it, but phir bhi !

Ab toh chinta hone lagi hai, ki mere dost yahin chhut jaayenge. Yeh sahi hai ki naye dost bhi banege, lekin aap doston ko compare toh nahin kar sakte na ! Meri yahan ki life bhi koi itni fairy-tale life nahi thi, joh mujhe iska zada dukh ho. Still, I'll miss it. The thing I'll miss the most is certainly......Oops, sorry can't name it. Ha ha !

Life's going smooth. Aaj baarish ho rahi thi. Main, Anurag, Nishant, Utkarsh, Pallav, Suprit aur Prateek; we planned to play cricekt at MLB ground. We played 2 games and then we played football. Though I don't know much about football, still...I thought to give it a hand(read:legs). We won 7-3. Bahut mazaa aaya.

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