Marble Rocks

Visited Bhedaghat(Marble Rocks) yesterday, with Kakku, Ashish and Mamaji. It was a nice experience, this was the first time I went there on my bike. We bathed in the river Narmada. The water fall was as always beautiful. Though, it was less terrifying this time. May be because the water was less, or may be because my point-of-view-of-seeing-things is changed(or matured! u can say).

Well...abhi toh kuch naya nahi hai life mein. #C classes are going on. MP-PET ke liye toh padhna hi band kar diya hai ab, 'coz my JUIT is almost final. Lets see !

p.s. - Saw a beautiful sight yesterday while bathing in the river Narmada. Hope to write some story on it, keep waiting !

Today: Went #C coaching at 5:00 PM. Ankush dikha tha wahan par. Shaam ko Onu se mila. Went to Mandir also. Then we went to Chowpati. Kal Prateek ke Bhaiya ki shaadi hai, wahan jaana hai. Saw Brazil-Australia Fifa WC match. Brazil won 2:0. Nice match.

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