When its not your fault !

You are thought to be gulity, accused when its not your fault. How would you feel?
When only you know you are innocent, but the rest of the world doesn't. How would you feel?
When you are being penalized for the mistake you have not commited. How would you feel?

And, most importantly, when you know that you can stand against the punishment but you cannot change the minds and attitutes of the people, who assume you to be the culprit-the dirty fellow. How would you feel then?

or...something far more terrible !


Chandni Raatein

Chandni raatein,
Sab jag soye, hum jaagein,
taaron se karein baatein;
Chandni raatein...

Vacations are going on. So, masti chalu hai. Vaise agar vacations na bhi ho toh bhi masti hi chalti hai apni toh ;) We have 4 days of holidays, ghar jane mein 30 hours lagte hain. So, main ghar tho ja nahi sakta tha. So, I came here to Gurgaon with pie. Uske yahan hi ruka huaa hun, khub paka raha hun saale ko abhi.

Delhi(Gurgon) mein toh bahut garmi hai abhi. Security bhi kafi tight hai, since independence day is coming. Movies dekhne ka plan banaya hai, shaam ko jayenge shayad. Lets see.