eternal sleep

alone i walk in the weary nights
silent river flowing besides
i watch with a child's curiosity
my breaths shallow, and eyes thirsty

alone i go deeper into the forest
darkness all around in my quest
river still gushing, a bit more frightening
thoughts come & go on a lightening

alone i face the dangerous sounds
some healing, some worsening the old wounds
deadly beasts roaming everywhere
i was lost, with only winds to steer

alone i went on, deeper inside
with nothing to bask upon, with no pride
dead insects and rotten plants
i could hear their silent chants

alone i lay drenched, on the wet ground
alone i listened to that soothing sound
alone i waited for that eternal sleep to come by
alone i felt a bliss, that only a death could bring !


i luv u dad
u r my sky
under whose shelter i've been
and always will

i luv u dad
u r my god
whose blessings i always had
and always will

i luv u dad
though our views dont match sometimes
but i know somewhere inside me
that u r right

i luv u dad
for the vision u gave me
which is my path
and always will

i luv u dad
afterall, who am i?
nothing but you !


with my arms stretched
& full of confidence

with my breaths deep
& full of noise

with my eyes closed
& a vision beyond infinity

with my feet still
& a few inches above the world

i used to fly.
fly, what i did.


with my arms stretched
& an emptiness in my heart

with my breaths deep
& full of a deafening silence

with my eyes closed
& an infinite darkness

with my feet still
& nowhere in this world

i cry.
cry, is what i do.