eternal sleep

alone i walk in the weary nights
silent river flowing besides
i watch with a child's curiosity
my breaths shallow, and eyes thirsty

alone i go deeper into the forest
darkness all around in my quest
river still gushing, a bit more frightening
thoughts come & go on a lightening

alone i face the dangerous sounds
some healing, some worsening the old wounds
deadly beasts roaming everywhere
i was lost, with only winds to steer

alone i went on, deeper inside
with nothing to bask upon, with no pride
dead insects and rotten plants
i could hear their silent chants

alone i lay drenched, on the wet ground
alone i listened to that soothing sound
alone i waited for that eternal sleep to come by
alone i felt a bliss, that only a death could bring !


Lokesh Awashy said...


Nice first poem(not that i knw ur previous :D ).. solitude is somthing very strange..people are afraid of it yet it is the most wrote upon emotion after love.

Hope you write some more.


Ansh said...

Chakkow man...
mast poem must say.. :P