Gandhi: My Father?

I always wonder, why do people ask absurd questions?
May be it’s a growth process.
But, questions like this one…is Gandhi my father…
Are not only disgusting but annoying too.
Good evening, everyone.
A student of class 3rd quotes on Gandhi:
He was a bad boy to begin with. Then he became a good boy. He brought back all the money that the foreigners had taken away from us. But he must have been a poor man himself to wear so little clothes, and to look so very thin.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi – one man whose inspiration drew a million people to fight in the greatest freedom revolution ever, whose ideas and principles of non-violence were the soul behind many transformations around the globe, to name a few, Martin Luther King in US, John Hume in Ireland, Nelson Mandela in South Africa and presently Aung San Suu Kii in Myanmar!

Gandhi’s ideas of women equality, secularism, upliftment of lower cast people, rural development, economic and education policies are unprecedented in many respects.

One may ask,
Is Mahatma Gandhi relevant today?

Then, why don’t you also ask:
is truth relevant?
Is peace relevant?
Is love and compassion for the mankind relevant?

In a world full of lies and conspiracies, Gandhi still stands as a lone torchbearer for the values of truth, honesty and integrity.

His critics may say, he was the man behind PARTITION. He fasted to compel the Indian govt to release a sum of Rs 55 Crore for Pakistan. But , IS anybody keen in knowing the truth?

Idea of partition was a anathema to him. He fasted to maintain peace and integrity in delhi. On 12th January, 1948, in the speech after his last fast, he had said:

“Death for me would be a glorious deliverance rather than that I should be a helpless witness of the destruction of India, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.”

Still you think, he was killed for a reason, good enough??

NOW, coming back to the present scenario.

In America, Gandhi's image appears on huge hoardings with the words, 'Think Different', next to a small rainbow coloured logo of the Apple. Has he become just a model to sell ipods and stuff??
Or a celebrity, smiling honestly in every single govt building??

In this hi-tech-artificial age, where it has become a fashion to wear “KILL GANDHI” T-Shirts, where discos keep booming all night, where girls take pride in wearing the tiniest titsy-bitsies, where crime rate is higher than ever before, environmental hazards, nuclear threat, terrorist invasions, wars…every day from nowhere a new problem arises…and we keep screaming on top of our voices, that somebody will come, some miracle will happen and life will be a fairytale once again…

The Gandhi in us is dead today. It comes to life only on 2nd October, 15th august, on the release of a Munnabhai movie or somewhere, may be in a debate like this. After all the pomp and shows of such events, we again silently put aside the Gandhi in us.

But, Gandhi lives on.
We may not listen to him all the times though.
But, as a father he’s there when trouble engulfs us.
We may criticize him at times.
But, as a father, he’s there with all his patience.
We may laugh at him.
But, as a father, he’s there to guide us.

And, in the end, I would just like to say:
Times change. And, so does our attitudes.
What remains certain, is a man like Gandhi.

My light.
My hope.
My father.

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