Is Left Right?

What is my left, is your right.
What is my right, is your left.
Which means, right is left and left is right?
Sounds confusing, hummm?
IT IS !!!

Good evening everyone.

LEFT, generally refers to a section of people or political parties following COMMUNIST principles.

Communism is a distinct socio-political philosophy that is willing to use violent means to attain its goal of a classless society.

Karl Marx-the father of communism- envisioned the creation of a new society of unlimited abundance and freedom, where the mankind would be devoid of selfishness, greed, laziness, envy, hate or fear. In this society, voluntary cooperation would replace coercion so there would be no need for governments, armies, police, courts, prisons and taxes.

The Marxist vision is seductive but it is nothing more than a mirage. It ignores the realities of human nature and hence this system does not – and cannot – work in practice. However, it is not also difficult to understand its allure particularly to young idealists. Since its inception in 19th century, it spread to many parts of the world – specially the EAST – comprising Russia and China mainly. It is said that under the stalin regime in former USSR, the growth rate of the country was enormous. It excelled in Industries, Space Technologies, Agriculture – everywhere. China too, on the other hand, took her first steps to be the next super-power.

Still, After all of this, communism is a failure.

I’ll tell you, how.

Communism dismisses religion. In its quest to build a classless society, it denounces all the religious doctrines. People need support and faith in their hour of need, and what communism does – simply, lets them drown.

The best thing about it is also the worst. EQUALITY TO ALL.From an idealistic point of view – this sounds great. But in real world it doesn’t work because it gives people no incentive to excel at anything. Look at USSR, the whole society was awfully depressing.

Communism Kills.
After Communism is instituted by the people, the system becomes Totalitarian, resulting in greater oppression of the people. And, this fact is well documented throughout the history of communist nations. Almost 45 million people in USSR and 34 million in China, were killed –for the so called “good of the state”. In Cambodia, almost 40% of its population was swept away during a period 4 years.

There’s a proverb: THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN TASTING IT. The ingredients of the communist pudding are lethal, once you experience a taste of it – you’ll see how it rapes people’s spirits. You won’t understand unless you feel it for yourself, not on a tourist bus, but hanging out with the people who are being subjected to that sort of life.

Though, some of the statements of Marx are true. It is not surprising. Every false philosophy has some element of truth in it. This mixture of falsehood and truth is far more deadly than pure falsehood.

After 80 years of ‘hell’, communism ended in 1991 in USSR. In North Korea and East Germany, it was a total disaster.

Today, almost a quarter of the world’s population lives in communist states chiefly in People’s Republic of China.

And to cope with the growing competition, China has made many changes in its communist economic policy – opening up of SEZs is one such change. In Cuba and Vietnam also, though not much but few amendments have been done.

Communism is against the human nature, that why it’s failed. Though, its basic principles are very appealing, but they apply only in an utopian society.

If communism is tough. Reality is tougher.
And reality does not play with human emotions, reality does not take lives.

In the end, I would like to tell you an incident.

In Cambodia, under the Khmer Rough communist regime between 1975-1978, people were forced brutally to leave cities and practice agriculture. Children in schools were not permitted to go home and join their parents but were driven out of the city like cattle. Hospitals were emptied of doctors, nurses, and patients. Here’s a book excerpt describing the situation:
One man carried his son, whose legs had just been amputated. The bandages on both stumps were red with blood, and the son, who appeared to be about twenty-two, was screaming, "You can't leave me like this! Kill me! Please kill me!"

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