guzra waqt

ae guzre waqt
tujhe meri yaadon ki kasam
wada kar ki zindagi
aisi hi haseen rahegi
hunsti khelti guzaregi

Bujhta Diya

kalam ki syahi sookhi hui si lagti hai
kalpanaaon ki udaanein kuch sustati hui si
aur meri tarah thake huye yeh ped
yeh aasmaan, yeh nadiya aur yeh bujhta diya

Thak Jaao Toh Tham Jana Behtar.

Deewaro Se Ladta Hoon

दीवारों से लड़ता हूँ

ख़ुद से बातें करता हूँ

तुम जब से गए हो

जाने कितनी मौतें मरता हूँ

याद है तुम्हारी वो हंसी

जो छाओ थी मेरी धूप की

वो पलकें बिछाना तुम्हारा मेरे लिए

और मेरा उस प्यार को देख न पाना

लड़ता था तुमसे

गुस्सा होता था, चिढ भी जाता था अक्सर

लेकिन प्यार बहुत था

अब दीवारों से लड़ता हूँ

ख़ुद से बातें करता हूँ

प्यार का मतलब और प्यार का मकसद

दोनों समझ नहीं आते मुझे

सीधा सा आदमी हूँ

बस इतना जानता हूँ की

तुमसे ही मुस्कान मेरी, तुमसे ही आंसू

तुम नहीं हो ना जो अब पास

तो अकसर रोता भी हूँ

दीवारों से लड़ता हूँ

तुमसे बातें करता हूँ

तुमसे नहीं कहा कभी

लेकिन जानता हूँ की ग़लत हूँ मैं

माफ़ तुमने पहले भी किया है मुझे

तो एक बार और सही

आ जाओ ना

दीवारों से लड़ता हूँ

ख़ुद से बातें करता हूँ

तुम जब से गए हो

जाने कितने मौतें मरता हूँ ।


(English-Transliterated Form)

deewaron se ladta hoon

khud se baatein karta hoon

tum jab se gaye ho

jane kitni mautein marta hoon

yaad hai tumhari wo hunsi

jo chaaon thhi meri dhoop ki

wo palkein bichchana tumhara mere liye

aur mera us pyar ko dekh na pana

ladta thha tumse

gussa hota thha, chhidh bhi jata tha aksar

lekin pyaar bahut thha

ab deewaron se ladta hoon

khud se baatein karta hoon

pyaar ka matlab aur pyaar ka maksad

dono nahi samajh aate mujhe

seedha sa aadmi hoon

bas itna jaanta hoon ki

tumse hi muskaan meri, tumse hi aansu

tum nahi ho na jo ab paas

toh aksar rota bhi hoon

deewaron se ladta hoon

tumse baatein karta hoon

tumse nahi kaha kabhi

lekin jaanta hoon ki galat hoon main

maaf tumne pehle bhi kiya hai mujhe

toh ek baar aur sahi

aa jaao na

deewaron se ladta hoon

khud se baatein karta hoon

tum jab se gaye ho

jane kitni mautein marta hoon.

Ramchand Pakistani

Based on actual events, this is a movie about a hindu pakistani boy and his father who crosses the border accidentally and end up spending 5 years in an Indian jail. Protagonist Ramchand's mother(Nandita Das) is left behind in Pakistan, suffering (and still living somehow) every day. Though the story has nothing much to offer in terms of content, but watch the movie for Mehreen Jabbar's sheer brilliance as director. Every small feeling is captured so beautifully that it makes you feel the tension, trauma and misery of the lead characters. Nandita Das is fantabulous. The children who played the character of Ramchand(both small and grown up) has given amazing performances. Character of Ramchand's father Shankar is played equally well by Rashid Farooqi. Don't miss the movie for its intensity, performances and the charisma!

Pensieve 1

It's kind of strange how you are affected by people around you. By the people you like, and by the people you don't like. Alike. One single thought is sufficient to disturb the peaceful pond - your mind is. Ripples start coming and going - like a never ending process.

There's one senior of mine who is very, very annoying. Initially it was so tough that I used to fill with rage whenever I thought about him. I had even planned to teach him a lesson or two, but then I realized that the best way is to avoid him and snap back a sharp NO! whenever he asks something. Things are better now.

Likewise, there is one fellow of mine whom I was not comfortable with. He used to say things which I didn't like. So I decided to avoid him or to reply curtly whenever he asked or said anything. Temporarily things seemed to work for me, but gradually things became better due to my not giving any attention. I even forgot what I had planned. 1 year later, he is a good friend of mine and things don't go uncomfortable between us anymore. May be he realized that I was not liking his talks! May be something else.

Then there are things which have their impact on me in peculiar ways. More about them later.

GRE Help

(By Avin Mittal - IITB)

I took the GRE on 25th of July and managed to score 1430 (630 verbal and 800 quant). The following is drawn from my personal experiences while preparing for the GRE.

Study Material

Barrons - Get the latest edition and finish up the 50 word lists. The tests at the end are pretty good and are good practice. Also, however stupid they may seem, read all the tactics and tips given in the book.

Big Book - Available online as pdfs as well as hard copy. Do the verbal tests in this book. They are quite good and close to the actual GRE standard as it is written by actual ETS guys. Don't bother doing the quantitative sections as they are too easy and well below the standard of the actual exam. On the paper test, follow the same funda as on the computer based test ie do the questions in the order provided.

Softwares - Kaplan , Princeton , Cambridge , 800 tests , Powerprep - Do the tests in the Powerprep when you have finished preparation as the scores on Pwerprep are considered to be quite close to your score. Kaplan's tests are a bit tougher than the actual test and are considered to be a lower bound on your score on the GRE.

Access to some dictionary - or WordWeb - Write down the words you come across as unknown during your practice tests and look them up.

Essays prep book - Saw a book by ARCO, good one read the fundae and get an idea about the basic structure and planning of the essay.

Don'ts for the GRE

The following are the things that can go wrong while preparing or on the test day.The information below is based on the author's personal experience and may or may not be applicable for everyone. So, read ahead at your own risk ...

General Tips

1. Don't try to second guess the CAT at any stage. Trying to guess things like you are doing well or not , whether the current question is tougher or easier than the previous one don't serve you well.

2. Don't try to guess your score at any point or look too far like thinking how many questions can you get wrong for achieving your desired score. Instead take the exam one question at a time without worrying for the scores or your previous responses.

3. Don't answer a question on the exam based on a similar question that you might have seen elsewhere and sounds familiar. Think logically and answer the question asked.

4. Don't let panic sink in at any stage of the exam. Even if you feel things are not going well, keep your cool and focus on the question currently on the screen.

Verbal Section Tips
1. Don't think all words that you get are going to be from Barrons. Even the first 10 questions which are supposed to be easy might have some words from outside Barrons. So, be prepared for anything.

2. Don't think before hand that you are going to get all straightforward questions with one clear answer and rest of the options as rubbish. Especially in analogies and sentence completion questions, more than one answer may seem appropriate. Think more critically and see if you can get the answer. If not, eliminate the obviously wrong answers and guess. Even while doing the practice tests, keep track of your success as a guesser.

3. Don't take too much time reading the passage given.Read the passage carefully, so that you don't have to read it a second time while fast enough not to consume too much time. Also, you can skip the details on the first reading and just pay attention to the structure of the passage. You can always look up the details if a question asks you to. Don't look at a word only in terms of its meaning. Think of the context in which it is used and it might increase your chances of getting the question right.

4. Don't let words like 'I think' or 'Sometimes' come in your sentence for expressing the relationship between two words on an analogy question. There is a clear analogy between the two words given and using such words indicates you have not got the meaning clearly and are likely of getting the question wrong.

Quantitative Section Tips
1. Don't consider it to be too easy and be complacent. Be careful if you find a question particularly easy, especially on the comparison questions.

2. Don't hurry through the section. Use the 45 minutes given wisely and if possible, double check your answers.

3. Don't try to do too many calculations mentally. Use the scratch paper provided.

Analytical Writing Section Tips
1. Don't go to the exam without practice. Write some essays in the given time limit before going for the exam to get an idea of how much you can write in the given time.

2. Don't mug up the points for the essays from any source as that would hamper your thinking process and pervent you from writing a fluent essay.

One final advice
Don't waste your precious time reading useless articles like this one on the net :) Put your head down and study well for the exam. Studying and preparing well are the only things that carry you on the exam day.

Sarkaar Raj : Review

There are some movies which you wish you could watch again and again. SR(Read: Sarkaar Raj) is among those rare gems. I saw SR yerterday and kicked myself instantly for not seeing it earlier.

The movie deals with the turns and twirls of politics in Maharashtra. Direction of the movie is top-notch, as is the editing. Performances by Abhishek & Amitabh are par excellence. Aishwarya though fail to live up to the standards set by Abhishek & Amitabh but she's good(and is looking stunning in the movie!). Performance of other actors in small roles is also worth noticing. Music of the movie could have been better. SR keeps you on the toes throughout the running time, be it first half or second half.

In 2 words this movie simply is a: Must Watch !!


शब्द नहीं हैं मेरे पास
कुछ कहना भी नहीं है
कोई उम्मीद, कोई चाह भी नहीं
बस मौन बैठा हूँ

बहुत शोर है दुनिया में
चीख रहे अब तो सन्नाटे तक
खोकर तो देखो एक बार खुद में
खुदा का एहसास न हो तो कहना

चंद लफ्ज़, चंद अल्फाजों
तक ही सिमट के रह गयी है यह दुनिया
दिल के आईने में झांको ऐ दोस्त
जीना ना आ जाए तो कहना

तुम शांत रहोगे, लोग सवाल करेंगे
करने दो उनकी तो आदत है
झूमो मस्ती में तुम
फिकरें पीछे ना छूट जाएँ तो कहना

सब अपनी जगह हैं
तुम्हारी जगह क्या है
सोचा है कभी

'खुद' से ही तो 'खुदा' बना है
आवाज़ अपनी सुनके देखो
चुप चाप धीमे से
शांत, संपूर्ण, समर्पित
हाँ! यही है!!


(English - transliterated form)

Shabd Nahin Hain Mere Paas

Kuch Kehna Bhi Nahin Hai

Koi Ummed, Koi Chaah Nahin

Bas Maun Baitha Hun

Bahut Shor Hai Duniya Mein

Cheekh Rahe Ab Toh Sannate Tak

Khokar Toh Dekho Ek Baar Khud Mein

Khuda Ka Aehsaas Na Ho To Kehna

Chand Lafz, Chand Alfaazon

Tak Hi Simat Ke Reh Gayi Hai Yeh Duniya

Dil Ke Aaeene Mein Jhaanko Dost

Jeena Na Aa Jaaye To Kehna

Tum Shaant Rahoge, Log Sawal Karenge

Karne Do Unki To Aadat Hai

Jhumo Masti Mein Tum

Fikarein Pichhe Na Chhut Jayein To Kehna


Sab Apni Jagah Hain

Tumhari Jagah Kya Hai!

Socha Hai Kabhi

‘Khud’ Se Hi Toh ‘Khuda’ Bana Hai

Awaaz Apni Sunke Dekho

Chup Chap Dheeme Se

Shaant, Sampoorna, Samparpit

Haan! Yahi Hai!!

Property Registration In India

Okay. First things first. I did not write the following I article. I just read it today in the English Daily: Hindu. These are the portions of the article which I liked.

Property Registration In India

Property Registration involves a minimum of 6 procedures and takes 62 days and costs 7.7 percent of the property value, says the World Bank 2008 on "Doing Business in India".

Transparency International India's study estimates that people, especially the poor, pay Rs 1234 million a year as bribe to access land related records and services. India is ranked 112 among 178 countries surveyed for efficiency in property transactions.

Process of property registration is cumbersome and tedious, and the land records are fragmented, outdated and least transparent in India ...

This article reminded me of many things. About the movie: 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'-which dealt with similar situations, about the current Singur Case, and about the problems we-the Indians face to get a property.

Its high time when we start thiking and start acting to make India - a better place to live!

हाल बेहाल

हाल बेहाल 
जेब खस्ता 
रोटी मेंहगी 
आदमी सस्ता 

रोता आसमान 
सोती धरती 
खून मांगे रोज़ 
यह कैसी धरती 

हवा भारी 
वादे हलके
सच्चे झूठ
आँसू ढलके 

मरता बचपन 
छोटी राहें 
सूना रास्ता 
तकती निगाहें  

इंसान क्या था  
क्या बन गया??  

ज़िन्दगी क्या थी  
क्या हो गयी??  

मुस्कान हँसती थी कभी  
आज न जाने क्यूँ रो पड़ी 
कहाँ खो गयी ??


You know what, there was a time when I used to dream that one day I’ll be in a college(IIT) having my small room, with a small computer on which I’ll watch movies, play games and listen to songs. Although I did not get into the college I had wanted to, but still I have a computer in my room at present - on which I watch movies, play Counter Strike, NFS, Cricket, Fifa and many other games, and listen to innumerable songs. Earlier in those days, I also dreamt of having a coffee mug in my hand, and doing some serious programming on my computer. That also came true to some extent(not exactly the way I had dreamed, but yes, it did come true!).

When I first had an internet connection at my home, I was thrilled. After few months I thought it would be nicer if I had a broadband connection. Sometimes later, I got that. Now I dream of an even faster internet.

Among many dreams of those days, there was one of going on a trek with my friends, yesterday that dream was also turned into reality when I along with my floor-mates went for a trek to Dumehar Bani(an exciting trekking experience near my university).

There are thousands of dreams like these which were realized. Also there are many which were not.

I now dream of - getting into a good university for my Master’s degree and henceforth getting a lucrative job. I dream of writing a novel sometime in my life. I dream to have a family(besides my parents offcourse ;). I dream of having an ipod with my salary…

Desires are many. And they’ll always be there. You realize how petty they are once they get fulfilled. I had read somewhere – “When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. “ Till now, almost all of my dreams which got finally fulfilled were because of my parents. Now I want to do the same on my own. I want to fly on my wings now.

I dream that’s why I exist. Thanks mom and dad for giving me a vision, for letting me dream, for making my dreams come true and off course for making me – ME !!


raatein aisi jo aankhon mein na samayein
neend aisi jo tere paas le aaye
baat aisi jo dil ko chhu jaaye
duaa aisi jo dil se dil tak jaaye

mehak aisi jo teri yaad dilaaye
raah aisi jo teri or pahunchaye
jivan aisa jo teri hunsi pe bichh jaaye
aur hunsi aisi, jo tujhko bhi hunsaaye

kavita aisi jo samajh mein na aaye :P
baat aisi jo upar se nikal jaaye :)
kabhi gudgudaye, kabhi hunsaaye
kabhi rulaaye, kabhi sataye
kabhi manaaye, kabhi manvaaye
zindagi ko khubsurat bana jaaye


तेरी क्या औकात यहाँ
तेरी क्या बिसात यहाँ

जो उड़ता है तू नील गगन में
पंख अभिमान के पसारे
राख हो जायेंगे एक दिन ये
टूट जायेंगे अरमान सारे

फिर खिलें भी अगर नव पल्लव
तेरे मन के बगीचे में
तो भी संभलना ऐ दोस्त
क्यूंकि फिर जलेगा तू उसी अगन में

तेरी क्या औकात यहाँ
तेरी क्या बिसात यहाँ

सुनना पड़ता है सभी को सबकुछ
क्यूँ तेरे मन की तुझे सुनाएं लोग
देखना पड़ता है सभी को सबकुछ
क्यूँ तेरे मन माफिक दिखलायें लोग

कोई अलग नहीं है जान ले तू
भीड़ का एक कीड़ा है मान ले तू
तड़पता पैदा हुआ था
तड़पता ही मर जायेगा

तेरी क्या औकात यहाँ
तेरी क्या बिसात यहाँ

बस सीख ले तू इतना प्यारे
की रहना मस्त हमेशा
न उड़ना अपनी सीमा के पार
न लांघना कोई दीवार

तुम तुम हो
वो वो हैं
तुम वो नहीं
वो तुम नहीं

अपने दायरे में हंसो खेलो
आशियाना बनाओ सपने बुनो
चाहे कितने ही प्रलोभन और अवसर आयें
अपनी औकात को मत भूलो क्यूंकि

तेरी क्या औकात यहाँ
तेरी क्या बिसात यहाँ ..


(In English - Transliterated form)

teri kya aukat yahaan
teri kya bisaat yahaan

jo udta hai tu neel gagan mein
pankh abhimaan ke pasare
raakh ho jaayenge ek din yeh
tuut jaayenge armaan saare

phir khilein bhi agar nav pallav
tere mann ke bageeche mein
toh bhi sambhalna ae dost
kyunki phir jalega tu usi agan mein

teri kya aukat yahaan
teri kya bisaat yahaan

sunna padta hai sabhi ko sabkuch
kyun tere mann ki tujhe sunaayein log
dekhna padta hai sabhi ko sabkuch
kyun tere mann maafik dikhlaayein log

koi alag nhi hai jaan le tuu
bheed ka ek keeda hai maan le tuu
tadpata paida hua thaa
tadpta hi mar jaayega

teri kya aukat yahaan
teri kya bisaat yahaan

bas seekh tu itna pyaare
ki rehna mast hamesha
na udna apni seema ke paar
na laanghna koi deewar

tum tum ho
wo wo hain
tum wo nahin
wo tum tahin

apne daayre mein hunso khelo
aashiyaana banaao sapne buno
chahe kitne hi pralobhan aur avsar aayein
apni aukat ko mat bhulo kyunki

teri kya aukat yahaan
teri kya bisaat yahaan ..

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hi folks. This is a book review I wrote for Mouthshut! You can see the review posted here:

The Book:

After the huge success of Kite Runner, expectations were sky high with Khaled Hosseini. Kite Runner was a gem and so is ATSS. A thousand splendid suns lives up to the huge expectations. KR told a heart touching tale of the bond between two men. ATSS tells a heart wrenching anecdote of two women. It dives into the livelihood and sufferings of women in Afghanistan and successfully takes you into another world which is beyond your imagination. This small 350+ page sensation will change your perception of women forever. Note it!

The Title:

The name of the novel comes from Josephine Davis' translation of the Persian poet Saeb-e-Tabrizi's poem.

"One Could Not Count The Moons That Shimmer On Her Roofs

Or The Thousand Splendid Suns That Hide Behind Her Walls"

Author is patriotic – which is evident from the fact that these lines come twice in the novel and they highlight the beauty of Kabul. Apart from such obvious meanings, the title goes very well with the theme of the novel.

The Story:

(Don’t read this portion if you want to enjoy novel to the fullest. And if you are too enthusiastic to resist then go on:-)

Mariam and Laila are the lead protagonists. Mariam was born as a harami(illegitimate). Her mother Nana commits suicide. 14 year old Mariam’s illegitimate father(Jalil) marries her to a 40 year old shoe- maker of Kabul(Rashid). Laila on the other hand was raised by a very supporting and liberal father. Unfortunately Laila’s parents die in a rocket blast. Laila’s childhood love Tariq leaves Afghanistan along with his family. Fate brings Laila to Rashid and she had to marry Rashid(who is his around 60 by then). Laila and Mariam don’t like each other in the beginning. But Rashid’s atrocities make them come closer. Gradually there grows a bond among them – they are best friends, mother-daughter and off course they both are wives of ageing Rashid.

(That’s all I can tell. Else you all would kill me :-)

Anyway. Story takes many amazing twists and turns after that. Don’t miss the thrill of reading this dazzling work by Khaled Hosseini.

The Analysis:

Khaled Hosseini has once again proved his mettle as a brilliant story teller. Though it is a work of fiction but it is based on real life incidences. Khaled interviewed a lot of women before writing this book. Their sufferings and agony can horrify anybody. So much pain, so much torture is everywhere in Afghanistan. The story covers almost 30 years from 1974 to 2004. In these 30 years Afghanistan has seen loads of changes - political parties rising and falling from power, men dying and killing in the name of Jehad, attacks from Russia and USA, millions of innocent civilians being killed, thousands leaving Afghanistan and settling as refugees in other parts of world. In all this period of Turmoil the beautiful Afghanistan has turned in a heap of dust.

One thing which nobody paid attention is the condition of women. This is a brave attempt on the part of author to being forth the unnoticed!

The story and incidences are so tragic that even the toughest of hearts are going to shed tears.

Do read this novel – not for your tears but for theirs.

Not for the tragedy but for the victory of existence.

Not for cruelties but for the magnificence of life.

Plus Points

  • Wonderful Story and Storytelling.
  • Great writing skills.
  • Showcases culture of Afghanistan.

Weak Points

Though I may not consider it as a weak point but the feeling of fear, sadness, tragedy – sometimes make novel too depressing. When I was reading this book I was on my toes(which is a good thing for a novel) throughout the novel. I was so involved with the characters that I could feel their anxiety, plight and terror. I just wish there were few more happy moments in the tale.

The Rating

Story = 9/10

Storytelling = 8/10

Dialogues = 8/10

Grip = 9/10

Intensity = 7/10

X-Factor = 8/10

Value for money = 7/10(Yes, Its expensive @ 500 bucks!)

The Bonus

Here are some dialogues/moments from the novel which I loved the most:

"This was a legitimate end to a life of illegitimate beginnings."

For one last time, she obeyed what she was told.”

“..but the game involves only male names...because, if its a girl, Laila has already named her.”

I was shocked to tears when Laila makes the choice of getting a caesarean operation done without any anesthesia or pain-killers.

When Mariam leaves Jalil at the bus stop and says she didn’t want to hear from him ever again and that he didnt even have the decency to give her the time to say goodbye to mullah faizullah.

When Mariam pleads Jalil not to marry her and says –‘ you cannot do this to me’.

When Mariam tells Laila that Rasheed is planning to marry her and he’s asking for an answer by tomorrow morning and Laila says-‘You can have my answer now. Its Yes!’

When Laila does the ‘Babalu prayers’ with Zalmai(her son).

When Laila decides to let Rashid get physical with her so that she could raise Tariq’s child.

When Mariam was forced to eat pebbles because Rasheed did not like her food. Khaled writes, “Then he was gone, leaving Mariam to spit out pebbles, blood, and the fragments of two broken molars.

Final Verdict


Kai Din Se

kai din se dekhi nahi
wo muskaan apni si
jhoomna, gana aur khilkhilana
wo bachpana apna sa

kai din se soya nahi
wo neend apni si
khoya jo rehta hun tujhmein
aate nahin aksar ab wo sapne apne se

kai din se gaaya nahi
wo geet apna sa
tujhe ghanto sunata tha jo
wo nagma apna sa

kai din se ji nahi
wo baatein apni si
aankhon hi aankhon mein ho jaate they jo
wo ishaare apne se

kai din se sochta hun aksar
tu kyun lagti hai apni si
duur rehkar bhi paas hai mere
haathon mein haath
saanson mein saans
har pal ka saath
chaand dheeme chalta hai ab raaton mein
awaazein sunta hun main khyaalon mein
roshni hai har taraf
har taraf teri hi mehak
tere hi ujaale
shayad hai hi kuch aisa pyaar
ki tu lagti hai apni si !!


"पढने योग्य लिखा जाए, इससे कहीं बेहतर है कि लिखने योग्य किया जाए !"

-Shriram Sharma 'Acharya'

Relive Romance

Kuch kuch hota hai

Summer of 1998 was special for the Indian Film Industry. That year the winds changed their course forever, the Indian Youth was transformed, romance became the buzz of the nation, the effect was so tremendous that – even the toughest of the hearts cried in the theatres; when a movie called KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI hit the big screen.
‘kuch kuch hota hai’ is a journey. Journey to the good old days, when love was the flavor of the season, when every colour you saw was more beautiful, when music was the fragrance of air.
Watching this movie again brought back the memories of the time when I was perhaps 12-13 year old. Akin to millions I was also bowled over by this impeccable and dazzling masterpiece. The music engendered a feel which flew me to that era.
Like that time I still got swooped away by numerous scenes. When Anjali(Kajol) leaves the college – the scene at the station, when little Anjali gets an extempore on ‘Maa’ in a competition, when Rahul(Shahrukh) and Anjali meet again at the Summer camp – that particular scene is beyond words to be described(no doubt it had won the Filmfare Award that year for ‘the scene of the year’), when Rahul proposes Tina(Rani Mukherji) – saying ‘ek mard ka sir sirf teen aurton ke age jhukta hai’, the fights between Rahul and Anjali in the college, the Scene where Tina is asked to sing a song in Hindi(Ragging, may be!), and she sings the Aarti – Om Jai Jagdish Hare – making Rahul & gang(and Anjali) speechless.
‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ is a gem. A gem that’ll shine forever among the Indian Films. Powerpacked performance from both Shahrukh and Kajol, superb storytelling and direction from Karan Johar, mesmerizing music by Jatin-Lalit, sharp editing, nice cinematography and everything else gave this movie a status, very few movies can achieve.


एक हसीन सौगात
मीठे लम्हों की बरसात
अनकही सी एक बात
है यह दोस्ती !

जन्नत का एहसास
सुनहरा सा जज़्बात
यारों का साथ
है यह दोस्ती !

बात-बात पे लड़ना
झगड़ना और मचलना
फिर साथ में हँसना
है यह दोस्ती !

कुछ दूरियां कभी आयें तो
और 'अहम्' लड़ जाएँ तो
राहें जुदा हो जाएँ तो
है यह दोस्ती ??

दोस्त दुश्मन बन जाएँ तो
तलवारें उठ जाएँ तो
मर मिटें नफरत की आग में
है यह दोस्ती ??

क्यों फिर हम दोस्ती के गीत गाते हैं
सबसे अच्छे दोस्त ही जब दुश्मन बन जाते हैं
क्यों यारों हम झूठे सपने सजाते हैं
वक्त के थपेडों से कितने ही घरोंदे उजाड़ जाते हैं

माना उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम है
आशाओं की ताकत में बड़ा दम है
लेकिन यह सोचो दोस्त
जो वादे कर, जुदा हो जाएँ
वो कैसे 'हम' हैं !!

JUIT IEEE's Baspa Dam Trip - Snaps

Here are few snaps of our Baspa Dam Trip. We visited two dams: 'Jaypee Karchham Wangtoo Hydro Power Project'(under construction) and 'Jaypee Baspa Hydro Power Project'. These are India's largest private sector hydal power projects, situated in Kinnaur district - Himachal Pradesh(India).


रात और दिन, हर पल
मंजिल आंखों में लिए
जलता हूँ इस तपती धूप में
जाना मुझे ख़ुद के पार
मेरा काफिला मैं ही हूँ

मेरे बेटे

मेरे बेटे
तुमने हार नहीं देखी अभी
तभी तुम घबराते हो
अक्सर परेशान होते हो
और ख़ुद में सिमट जाते हो

हार कठोर है, निर्दयी भी
निराश करती है, हताश भी
लेकिन यह सोचो बेटे
की ज़िंदगी कहाँ आसान है
गिरकर उठे वही तो इंसान है

बरसों बाद जब देखोगे तुम
मुड़कर पीछे जीवन की डगर को
हार की निराशायें और जीत की खुशियाँ
अधिक मधुर लगेगी तब तुम्हे हार ही
बात यह याद रखना मेरी

हार सिखाती है अगली बार जीतने का जज्बा
आशाओं की बारिश में भीगने का मज़ा
'मैं कर सकता हूँ' - यह एहसास
जीतूँगा मैं यह विश्वास

क्यूंकि कोशिश अधिक बड़ी है जीत से
और जीतेगा वही जो कोशिश करता है दिल से
तुम सोचो चाहे कुछ भी मैं जानता हूँ बेटे
तुम जीतोगे, तुममें है वो बात
ऐसा है मुझे विश्वास, कहता हूँ मैं पूरे दिल से


AMU. When I first heard the title of this movie, I (like you) thought that what’s going to be in this movie? What would this movie be about? I knew that the movie has Konkana Sen Sharma as its lead actor, so its going to be something special. I was also amazed by the presence of Brinda Karat as a character actor in ‘AMU’.

To all those who have similar questions like I had, ‘AMU’ is the name of a person in the movie. Its not a love story, not a suspense thriller , not a comedy, no, not a biographical opus either.

‘AMU’(set in 2002) is about a girl who lost her parents in the 1984 riots. Its about looking back at a black chapter in the pages of Indian history. Movie shows it was not as much as the outrage of the people, as it was the political system which killed almost 10,000 people. Local criminals were given voter lists and they were ordered to kill each and every sikh in the locality. Movie terminates at a highly touching point wherein a TV news channel shows the news of a railway coach being burnt and killing of 57 people. Riots. Again.

Movies like ‘AMU’ should not be missed. After a long time, I’ve seen a movie so meaningful.

Obviously, a must watch !
Go for it.

Awfully Awesome

His was a simple journey. Nothing special. Just the routine one, where you go to the railway station, reach the exact platform, board the train(on time!); sit, sit and sleep; sit, sit and read; sit sit and see; and reach your destination.  

This was at least what he thought it's going to be. But that day, destiny had something else for him. May be a little deviation from the routine, a lil' more adventure.  

So this is where our story begins. He could not reach the station on time and missed his train. The next train to the   destination was also missed(yes, he was very late and both trains were in a time gap of only 40 mins). He was shocked.   Tensed. Delhi heat was too much. Sweating, he went to the enquiry booth and enquired about the next train to Jabalpur. Oops.   There was no train that day. So he thought to go to Bhopal and then from there to change the train to Jabalpur. He waited.   Suddenly he heard the announcement for a train to Jabalpur. (This was a new train and was only twice a week, luckily that day   was one of the 2 days) He thanked God and Lalu Prasad Yadav. He checked his pockets but there was no money. There were still   15-20 mins for the train to come. He rushed outside the station to find an ATM. Luckily, there was one. Unluckily, it was not   working. He enquired and found that the nearest ATM would take 10 mins to go and return. He didnt have any more guts, time or   money to take this risk. He checked his purse and found a 500/- Rs emergency note cramped inside one lil' corner of the   purse. He was happy beyond measure. Hope is a beautiful thing, he suddenly felt to have some. He went to the ticket counter,   bought the ticket for general class to Jabalpur(Rs 185). Train came. He checked the charts. There were berths available. He   talked to TTE and with Rs 200/- more(including TTE's bribe of Rs 45/-), he got a berth.  

And then it again was a routine journey. Peaceful - in which you sit, sit and sleep; sit sit and read; sit sit and see. Later   that night, in his diary he wrote - "Those 3 hours, awfully awesome."

bheed bhari sadak

ek bheed bhari sadak pe main

ja rha tha ek din

raaste mein zindagi takra gayi
puchha maine usse
ki tu is bheed mein hi kyun bhatakti hai?
itra ke chalti hai, phir tanhaai ko tarasti hai?

thahaaka lagaya usne aur boli
'abey lallu, itna bhi nahi samajhta?
is shor mein hi toh hai mera dil dhadakta'

wo dekho us maa se chipke bachche ke rudan mein
us cycle par jaate clerk ke kaat-te jute ki chubhan mein
us sabzi waale ki cheekh mein
us vaqeel ke kisi case ki taareekh mein
us rikshe waale ke maathe se tapakti paseene ki bund mein
tere sakun mein, tere khoon mein
main hi toh hun'

main muskuraya aur zindagi ke sath
us bheed bhari sadak pe aage badh gaya


Space under your feet feels to be drifting away.
Shaking legs.
Feel of blood rushing to your eyes.
An irritating humming sound.
Dry mouth.
Speechless. You want to speak but you just blabber.
A dark void is the only thing visible. Nothing else.

May be, thats what a shock is like.