Awfully Awesome

His was a simple journey. Nothing special. Just the routine one, where you go to the railway station, reach the exact platform, board the train(on time!); sit, sit and sleep; sit, sit and read; sit sit and see; and reach your destination.  

This was at least what he thought it's going to be. But that day, destiny had something else for him. May be a little deviation from the routine, a lil' more adventure.  

So this is where our story begins. He could not reach the station on time and missed his train. The next train to the   destination was also missed(yes, he was very late and both trains were in a time gap of only 40 mins). He was shocked.   Tensed. Delhi heat was too much. Sweating, he went to the enquiry booth and enquired about the next train to Jabalpur. Oops.   There was no train that day. So he thought to go to Bhopal and then from there to change the train to Jabalpur. He waited.   Suddenly he heard the announcement for a train to Jabalpur. (This was a new train and was only twice a week, luckily that day   was one of the 2 days) He thanked God and Lalu Prasad Yadav. He checked his pockets but there was no money. There were still   15-20 mins for the train to come. He rushed outside the station to find an ATM. Luckily, there was one. Unluckily, it was not   working. He enquired and found that the nearest ATM would take 10 mins to go and return. He didnt have any more guts, time or   money to take this risk. He checked his purse and found a 500/- Rs emergency note cramped inside one lil' corner of the   purse. He was happy beyond measure. Hope is a beautiful thing, he suddenly felt to have some. He went to the ticket counter,   bought the ticket for general class to Jabalpur(Rs 185). Train came. He checked the charts. There were berths available. He   talked to TTE and with Rs 200/- more(including TTE's bribe of Rs 45/-), he got a berth.  

And then it again was a routine journey. Peaceful - in which you sit, sit and sleep; sit sit and read; sit sit and see. Later   that night, in his diary he wrote - "Those 3 hours, awfully awesome."


Misha said...


Aditya Patel said...

thankuu :D

Lokesh Awasthy said...

First of all...the template is sexy :D ..really liked the concept.

The post ws even btr, cuz u dun find JABALPUR being mentioned in blogs so oftenly, u reminded me of my trip from DGP to JBP whr, i almst hit the TTE :D :P

You write simply, which is soothing. Keep it up 'The Aditya'


Sneha Shrivastava said...

Awfully Awesome !!!