AMU. When I first heard the title of this movie, I (like you) thought that what’s going to be in this movie? What would this movie be about? I knew that the movie has Konkana Sen Sharma as its lead actor, so its going to be something special. I was also amazed by the presence of Brinda Karat as a character actor in ‘AMU’.

To all those who have similar questions like I had, ‘AMU’ is the name of a person in the movie. Its not a love story, not a suspense thriller , not a comedy, no, not a biographical opus either.

‘AMU’(set in 2002) is about a girl who lost her parents in the 1984 riots. Its about looking back at a black chapter in the pages of Indian history. Movie shows it was not as much as the outrage of the people, as it was the political system which killed almost 10,000 people. Local criminals were given voter lists and they were ordered to kill each and every sikh in the locality. Movie terminates at a highly touching point wherein a TV news channel shows the news of a railway coach being burnt and killing of 57 people. Riots. Again.

Movies like ‘AMU’ should not be missed. After a long time, I’ve seen a movie so meaningful.

Obviously, a must watch !
Go for it.

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