You know what, there was a time when I used to dream that one day I’ll be in a college(IIT) having my small room, with a small computer on which I’ll watch movies, play games and listen to songs. Although I did not get into the college I had wanted to, but still I have a computer in my room at present - on which I watch movies, play Counter Strike, NFS, Cricket, Fifa and many other games, and listen to innumerable songs. Earlier in those days, I also dreamt of having a coffee mug in my hand, and doing some serious programming on my computer. That also came true to some extent(not exactly the way I had dreamed, but yes, it did come true!).

When I first had an internet connection at my home, I was thrilled. After few months I thought it would be nicer if I had a broadband connection. Sometimes later, I got that. Now I dream of an even faster internet.

Among many dreams of those days, there was one of going on a trek with my friends, yesterday that dream was also turned into reality when I along with my floor-mates went for a trek to Dumehar Bani(an exciting trekking experience near my university).

There are thousands of dreams like these which were realized. Also there are many which were not.

I now dream of - getting into a good university for my Master’s degree and henceforth getting a lucrative job. I dream of writing a novel sometime in my life. I dream to have a family(besides my parents offcourse ;). I dream of having an ipod with my salary…

Desires are many. And they’ll always be there. You realize how petty they are once they get fulfilled. I had read somewhere – “When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. “ Till now, almost all of my dreams which got finally fulfilled were because of my parents. Now I want to do the same on my own. I want to fly on my wings now.

I dream that’s why I exist. Thanks mom and dad for giving me a vision, for letting me dream, for making my dreams come true and off course for making me – ME !!

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