Property Registration In India

Okay. First things first. I did not write the following I article. I just read it today in the English Daily: Hindu. These are the portions of the article which I liked.

Property Registration In India

Property Registration involves a minimum of 6 procedures and takes 62 days and costs 7.7 percent of the property value, says the World Bank 2008 on "Doing Business in India".

Transparency International India's study estimates that people, especially the poor, pay Rs 1234 million a year as bribe to access land related records and services. India is ranked 112 among 178 countries surveyed for efficiency in property transactions.

Process of property registration is cumbersome and tedious, and the land records are fragmented, outdated and least transparent in India ...

This article reminded me of many things. About the movie: 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'-which dealt with similar situations, about the current Singur Case, and about the problems we-the Indians face to get a property.

Its high time when we start thiking and start acting to make India - a better place to live!

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