Sarkaar Raj : Review

There are some movies which you wish you could watch again and again. SR(Read: Sarkaar Raj) is among those rare gems. I saw SR yerterday and kicked myself instantly for not seeing it earlier.

The movie deals with the turns and twirls of politics in Maharashtra. Direction of the movie is top-notch, as is the editing. Performances by Abhishek & Amitabh are par excellence. Aishwarya though fail to live up to the standards set by Abhishek & Amitabh but she's good(and is looking stunning in the movie!). Performance of other actors in small roles is also worth noticing. Music of the movie could have been better. SR keeps you on the toes throughout the running time, be it first half or second half.

In 2 words this movie simply is a: Must Watch !!

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