Ramchand Pakistani

Based on actual events, this is a movie about a hindu pakistani boy and his father who crosses the border accidentally and end up spending 5 years in an Indian jail. Protagonist Ramchand's mother(Nandita Das) is left behind in Pakistan, suffering (and still living somehow) every day. Though the story has nothing much to offer in terms of content, but watch the movie for Mehreen Jabbar's sheer brilliance as director. Every small feeling is captured so beautifully that it makes you feel the tension, trauma and misery of the lead characters. Nandita Das is fantabulous. The children who played the character of Ramchand(both small and grown up) has given amazing performances. Character of Ramchand's father Shankar is played equally well by Rashid Farooqi. Don't miss the movie for its intensity, performances and the charisma!

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