100 Things About Me

1. My name was initially going to be Azaad but it was changed to Aditya.

2. My blood type is O positive. 

3. I go through food moods, where I eat the same food day after day after day... until one day I say, "no more!" and mean it. 

4. Although I love 3-year olds, it's hard to handle 10 of them at a time.

5. As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a scientist of some sort.

6. I have dreams most nights, and remember at least parts of them most of the time.  

7. Sometimes my dreams are best left unsaid. ;)

8. My hands and feet are always very warm.

9. My hair doesn't tangle, so I hardly ever brush it.

10. Winter is my favorite season.

11. I'm seriously running out of shelf space. There's a permanent pile of books residing on my table.

12. I love to read autobiographies. 'Open' by Andre Agassi is my favorite.
13. I don’t have a favorite color. But if I've to pick, it will be black or white.

14. I’m good at tongue twisters.

15. I love to sing when I'm alone.

16. I am not afraid to admit that I love fragrant flowers.

17. But I dislike perfume, scented candles and most other artificially scented products.

18. I love to win.

19. But I hate to see others lose.

20. I am moody, over-sensitive, obsessive, controlling, selfish, arrogant, stubborn, lazy, and self-indulgent. 

21. I am also kind, smart, funny, imaginative, empathetic, practical, creative, loving, conscientious, and optimistic.

22. When I like a new song, I listen to it on repeat mode until I get tired of it. This could take up to weeks sometimes. ;)

23. I sleep silently. I hope.

24. I would like to write a book someday.

25. I write with my left hand and play badminton with my right.

26. I have had a web site since 2002.

27. I like the smell of petrol. And moist mud. And forest.

28. I like the feeling of being up early in the morning. But I hate to wake up early.

29. I can get along with almost anyone if I put my mind to it.

30. There are times when I'm so engrossed in an activity that eating or sleeping are chores. The activity often involves computers.

31. I like to make people laugh.

32. I find excessive use of exclamation marks annoying. But I also use them a lot!!!

33. When I was younger I collected match stick covers, trump cards, pens, and audio cassettes.

34. I spent about 2 weeks in the village 'dhiksara' with my aunt, uncle and cousins when I was about fifteen. I loved it.

35. I subscribe to no particular faith. I dislike religions for the most part, except Cricket. 

36. I am a messy person. But I am not dirty.

37. I've never ever broken a bone in my body. Touch wood! :)

38. I love eating. I love to cook too and I am a big fan of cookery shows.

39. An ultimate temptation of mine is chocolate and ice cream good paani-puri.

40. My personal life is not a subject I really like to talk about.

41. History is AMAZING! I love it.

42. Daydreaming is a great pass time when bored.

43. Death is oddly interesting to me.

44. I love to sing. Unfortunately, I tend to lose my voice because I always sing.

45. I believe silence is golden and maybe I should learn to bite my tounge a bit more to practice this more.

46. I act more on impulse than anything.

47. I like being tallish.

48. I like low lighting.

49. I use the word ‘I’ a lot.

50. All PATELs are not Gujaratis. Atleast I am not a Gujarati.

51. I’m fond of people who don’t pretend.

52. The best trips of my life were to Europe and Baspa Dam.

53. I got close to death twice.

54. I trust my judgement.

55. I love playing with kids, watching them, talking to them and taking photos of them.

56. I like to listen, but I can’t help interrupting when I have an idea.

57. I am a good Googler.

58. I have the unique recognition (experience?) of being both at the top and the bottom of my class.

59. I don't know how to use chopsticks. I have learnt to use chopsticks.

60. I have no self discipline.

61. I don’t believe in reincarnation.

62. I know a few people who dislike me; I totally understand them.

63. I love to pretend I’m smart.

64. I don’t take myself seriously, or most other people.

65. Women with grace = beautiful.

66. I wear clean socks.

67. Shaving and brushing are 2 of the most boring tasks in the world that I have to do regularly.

68. Some people think I’m funny. I think they're right.

69. I usually know where to find things.

70. Without my glasses, I’m helpless.

71. I’m not sure who my best friend is.

72. I hold up my hands to tell my left from right :D

73. I am not very patient.

74. Except at work.

75. I don't understand the fuss around flirting. 

76. I am not a morning person.

77. I’ve lost the ability to truly sleep it off.

78. I tend to repeat myself.

79. I tend to repeat myself.

80. I don’t always feel like a grown-up.

81. I wonder if I'm a feminist. I believe in being equal, while being different.

82. I've learnt that taking care of yourself is necessary to be able to help others.

83. I feel out of place in new social situations.

84. I sing while driving.

85. I enjoy encouraging others.

86. I love learning about other people, where they came from, and where they are going.

87. I take pictures. (Lots of them)

88. I enjoy being acknowledged for what i do.

89. Even though i check my email all the time, I tend to get lazy and not respond to my email right away.

90. When i try to read a book, I usually end up falling asleep. Still, I read a lot.

91. I type fast. but the key i use the most is the 'delete' key :)

92. I love mountains. I want to live a life like Ruskin Bond - live on a hill station and write books!

93. I never get through the day without having read something or listened to some music.

94. I love rain. But I hate getting wet.

95. I think I spend a lot. Mostly on gadgets.

96. I hate shopping. Though I love to have new stuff.

97. I don't consider Gulzar a lyricist. He's a poet.

98. I often cry in movies. Not anymore.

99. I like reading lists more than creating them.

100.  No matter how much I like talking about myself, I found it hard to come up with 100 things to say!


जिस दोस्त को ढूँढता था मैं
कहाँ मिला कभी वो, कौन निकला
ता उम्र पीछा करता रहा जिसका
मेरे सिवा कोई और न निकला

वादे कच्चे कई
पकाए धीमी आँच पर
सोचा था पकेंगे इसी आस में
चलते रहे हम भी काँच पर

तरसती रही आँखें जिसके दीदार के लिए
खोजा जब उसे तो मैं ऐसा फिसला
लड़ा सबसे, लड़ा खुदसे, लड़ा उससे
वो शख्स मेरा ही अक्स निकला

आवारा हुआ
नाकारा कहा गया
कहीं भी न सुना गया
जिधर गया उधर गिरा
फ़िरा तो मैं ऐसा फ़िरा
जिसे ढूँढता रहा हर गली में
मेरे सिवा कोई और न निकला
मेरा अहम् कह लो या कुछ और
बस 'मैं' ही निकला .

मंजिलें अभी हज़ार बाकी

पाया क्या राही तूने अब तलक
रास्ते तन्हा, न हैं साथी
चलते चल यारा
मंजिलें अभी हज़ार बाकी

ज़िंदा सफर को अपने रख
कोख से जो शुरू हुआ
राख तलक जिसकी सवारी
मरने न दे मनसूबे अपने
ऐसी शमा जला वो प्यारी

आँखों में वो सपना लिख
नज़र आए जो हरदम
नींद उड़ाए, सोते जगाये
आसमान की ओर दूर कहीं
फुर्र से उड़ा ले जाए

फितरत भूल मत खुदा की
साथ है सबके मगर
पहला कदम तेरा, आखिरी कदम तेरा
तू रुका, वो रुका
तू झुका, वो झुका

इन मोडों से गुज़रे कई
पर वक्त ने सबके निशां मिटा दिए
याद उन्हे ही रखती दुनिया
जिन्होंने ने तूफानों में भी
अपने किनारे पा लिए

और जीत जाए जब तू
तो गीत खुशी का ज़रूर गाना
मुस्कान बाँटना
किसी का दुःख घटाना
चलती है जो वो है ज़िन्दगी
थमती नही कभी,
है ज़रा सा हालाँकि
चलते चल यारा
मंजिलें अभी हज़ार बाकी !



The Same Old Story

( This I wrote in my Computer Networks lecture today :D )


How many of us have ever wondered, seeing a dew drop shining in its full glory over some of the most beautiful things in the world - grass, flower and yes, that lil' plant in the corner of the garden.

That dew drop once asked me, "Why are you people so busy with your useless monotonous lives, that you don't even have time for things that actually matter. First you waste time like anything, and then you say that you don't have enough time."

I was amazed hearing this meaningful talk from that small dew drop. I sat in awe, intrigued, questioning myself that whole morning.

Next day, I went to the same place where I had met my 'intellectual friend' a day before. But, that dew drop was gone. Instead, there was another one. It said, "Hi, I know what you are looking for. Your 'friend-dew-drop' has gone. It won't come back.
Learn one thing today, you humans are no different from us. You have one lifetime, one small unique lifetime. Make the most of it before you too vanish, just like that dew. Just like me."