100 Things About Me

1. My name was initially going to be Azaad but it was changed to Aditya.

2. My blood type is O positive. 

3. I go through food moods, where I eat the same food day after day after day... until one day I say, "no more!" and mean it. 

4. Although I love 3-year olds, it's hard to handle 10 of them at a time.

5. As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a scientist of some sort.

6. I have dreams most nights, and remember at least parts of them most of the time.  

7. Sometimes my dreams are best left unsaid. ;)

8. My hands and feet are always very warm.

9. My hair doesn't tangle, so I hardly ever brush it.

10. Winter is my favorite season.

11. I'm seriously running out of shelf space. There's a permanent pile of books residing on my table.

12. I love to read autobiographies. 'Open' by Andre Agassi is my favorite.
13. I don’t have a favorite color. But if I've to pick, it will be black or white.

14. I’m good at tongue twisters.

15. I love to sing when I'm alone.

16. I am not afraid to admit that I love fragrant flowers.

17. But I dislike perfume, scented candles and most other artificially scented products.

18. I love to win.

19. But I hate to see others lose.

20. I am moody, over-sensitive, obsessive, controlling, selfish, arrogant, stubborn, lazy, and self-indulgent. 

21. I am also kind, smart, funny, imaginative, empathetic, practical, creative, loving, conscientious, and optimistic.

22. When I like a new song, I listen to it on repeat mode until I get tired of it. This could take up to weeks sometimes. ;)

23. I sleep silently. I hope.

24. I would like to write a book someday.

25. I write with my left hand and play badminton with my right.

26. I have had a web site since 2002.

27. I like the smell of petrol. And moist mud. And forest.

28. I like the feeling of being up early in the morning. But I hate to wake up early.

29. I can get along with almost anyone if I put my mind to it.

30. There are times when I'm so engrossed in an activity that eating or sleeping are chores. The activity often involves computers.

31. I like to make people laugh.

32. I find excessive use of exclamation marks annoying. But I also use them a lot!!!

33. When I was younger I collected match stick covers, trump cards, pens, and audio cassettes.

34. I spent about 2 weeks in the village 'dhiksara' with my aunt, uncle and cousins when I was about fifteen. I loved it.

35. I subscribe to no particular faith. I dislike religions for the most part, except Cricket. 

36. I am a messy person. But I am not dirty.

37. I've never ever broken a bone in my body. Touch wood! :)

38. I love eating. I love to cook too and I am a big fan of cookery shows.

39. An ultimate temptation of mine is chocolate and ice cream good paani-puri.

40. My personal life is not a subject I really like to talk about.

41. History is AMAZING! I love it.

42. Daydreaming is a great pass time when bored.

43. Death is oddly interesting to me.

44. I love to sing. Unfortunately, I tend to lose my voice because I always sing.

45. I believe silence is golden and maybe I should learn to bite my tounge a bit more to practice this more.

46. I act more on impulse than anything.

47. I like being tallish.

48. I like low lighting.

49. I use the word ‘I’ a lot.

50. All PATELs are not Gujaratis. Atleast I am not a Gujarati.

51. I’m fond of people who don’t pretend.

52. The best trips of my life were to Europe and Baspa Dam.

53. I got close to death twice.

54. I trust my judgement.

55. I love playing with kids, watching them, talking to them and taking photos of them.

56. I like to listen, but I can’t help interrupting when I have an idea.

57. I am a good Googler.

58. I have the unique recognition (experience?) of being both at the top and the bottom of my class.

59. I don't know how to use chopsticks. I have learnt to use chopsticks.

60. I have no self discipline.

61. I don’t believe in reincarnation.

62. I know a few people who dislike me; I totally understand them.

63. I love to pretend I’m smart.

64. I don’t take myself seriously, or most other people.

65. Women with grace = beautiful.

66. I wear clean socks.

67. Shaving and brushing are 2 of the most boring tasks in the world that I have to do regularly.

68. Some people think I’m funny. I think they're right.

69. I usually know where to find things.

70. Without my glasses, I’m helpless.

71. I’m not sure who my best friend is.

72. I hold up my hands to tell my left from right :D

73. I am not very patient.

74. Except at work.

75. I don't understand the fuss around flirting. 

76. I am not a morning person.

77. I’ve lost the ability to truly sleep it off.

78. I tend to repeat myself.

79. I tend to repeat myself.

80. I don’t always feel like a grown-up.

81. I wonder if I'm a feminist. I believe in being equal, while being different.

82. I've learnt that taking care of yourself is necessary to be able to help others.

83. I feel out of place in new social situations.

84. I sing while driving.

85. I enjoy encouraging others.

86. I love learning about other people, where they came from, and where they are going.

87. I take pictures. (Lots of them)

88. I enjoy being acknowledged for what i do.

89. Even though i check my email all the time, I tend to get lazy and not respond to my email right away.

90. When i try to read a book, I usually end up falling asleep. Still, I read a lot.

91. I type fast. but the key i use the most is the 'delete' key :)

92. I love mountains. I want to live a life like Ruskin Bond - live on a hill station and write books!

93. I never get through the day without having read something or listened to some music.

94. I love rain. But I hate getting wet.

95. I think I spend a lot. Mostly on gadgets.

96. I hate shopping. Though I love to have new stuff.

97. I don't consider Gulzar a lyricist. He's a poet.

98. I often cry in movies. Not anymore.

99. I like reading lists more than creating them.

100.  No matter how much I like talking about myself, I found it hard to come up with 100 things to say!


Avi said...

hehehe nice... nw i know u muchmuch bettr... thought most of the things u do are contradicting to wht u wuld like to do!!! hehe... when's the next 100 cming up?

Rajat Gupta said...

wow aadii u put 100 things that are also very tough to find out from our daily activities and though they r very true about you as i m sure i know most of them ..

neha said...

nyc wrk adi.. u actually amused me.. :) kp it up!!

Aadii said...

@avi, :))

@rajat, bilkul bhai bilkul :)

@neha, thnku :)

Barnali Moitra said...

I finished reading today.. Sorry! Some of them are really (for the lack of words) weird :D