The Same Old Story

( This I wrote in my Computer Networks lecture today :D )


How many of us have ever wondered, seeing a dew drop shining in its full glory over some of the most beautiful things in the world - grass, flower and yes, that lil' plant in the corner of the garden.

That dew drop once asked me, "Why are you people so busy with your useless monotonous lives, that you don't even have time for things that actually matter. First you waste time like anything, and then you say that you don't have enough time."

I was amazed hearing this meaningful talk from that small dew drop. I sat in awe, intrigued, questioning myself that whole morning.

Next day, I went to the same place where I had met my 'intellectual friend' a day before. But, that dew drop was gone. Instead, there was another one. It said, "Hi, I know what you are looking for. Your 'friend-dew-drop' has gone. It won't come back.
Learn one thing today, you humans are no different from us. You have one lifetime, one small unique lifetime. Make the most of it before you too vanish, just like that dew. Just like me."

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