Stupidity has no reasons, nothing to answer for. It is limitless. Accountability dissolves when you are stupid. People may laugh at you, may make fun of your actions but what’s the big deal !

Be what you are. Even if its being stupid. Atleast you are honest with yourself. 

Ma, I Love You !

Shouted at you
Got irritated
Ordered you 
Asked for infinite favours
Each day, Every Day.

Laughed with you
Cried in your lap
Played with you
You let me win
Each time, Every time.

My first meal
My first steps 
My first words
My first day at school
All the important 'firsts' of my life
I owe to you
Each one of them, Every one of them.

That one more sip of milk
That one more bite of food
That one more extra sweater in winters
And that one more prayer for me
you wished
On Each occasion, Every occasion.

Ma, I love you.
There's not a better time to say this than NOW !
Please be my mom 
in each life, and every life !

Just like any other day

Sometimes I wonder(recently I've been doing that alot), why do people feel a need to be special? Why can't they be just 'ordinary'? Peaceful, content, happy, satisfied.. blah blah blah.. in sync with life.

Apparently that is not the case. Everyone likes to be special. Everyone wants to make a difference. Atleast some do. To make someone special, or rather to make them 'feel' special - concept of celebrations started. Birthdays are one such occasion. 364 ordinary days and 1 special day, that's what birthdays are for. I guess :)

P.S. Happy B'day to me !

That's gulzar for me

jab tum hunste ho din ho jata hai
tum gale lago to din so jata hai
doli uthaye, aayega din to paas bitha lena
kal jo mile to mathe pe mere suraj uga dena
zara zara aaspaas dhuup rahegi
zara zara aaspaas rang rahenge

Gulzar's works have been an epitome of excellent writing. What he basically does is, he picks up very simple things and wraps them in beautiful metaphors. I've -without even trying- learnt a lot from his style of writing. You just cannot ignore the sheer brilliance and the unique style. Also when you read the stories or watch his movies, they connect with you very well.

Next time when you read something like this:

maine kaha phoolon se hunso to wo khilkhila ke huns diye
aur ye kaha jeevan hai bhai mere bhai hunsne ke liye


ज़िंदा सफर को अपने रख
कोख से जो शुरू हुआ
राख तलक जिसकी सवारी
मरने न दे मनसूबे अपने
ऐसी शमा जला वो प्यारी

just remember that this chap here is 'heavily' impressed-influenced-(dis)illusioned by the Genius Gulzar.


ऐंवेयी सोचा बैठे बैठे 
कि लिखें कुछ एक दो पंक्तियाँ 
भीनी भीनी महकी महकी 
हरी भरी ताज़ी सब्जी जैसी 

कितने गालिब कितने मीर 
हुए न क्या ये बोर कभी 
लिखते रहे लिखते गए
कुछ हज़म हुआ, कुछ ऐंवेयी  

पका डाला है बाप मेरे तूने ! 
कहते हैं मेरे साथी सभी
ये लिखने का शौक है या मुसीबत  
भैया बंद हो जा बस अभी ! 

सीधी साधी बातें  
घुमा फिरा के 
शब्दों में लपेट लपेट 
गोल मटोल 
टालम टोल
धक्का मुक्की 
कच्ची पक्की 
झूठ मूठ 
भविष्य और भूत
बेवजह यूँ ही 
क्या तू भी 
कहने से अच्छा 
सुन ले बच्चा कि 

अब बस :)

प्रेरणा स्त्रोत : "पढने योग्य लिखा जाए, इससे कहीं बेहतर है कि लिखने योग्य किया जाए !"

bas yun hi

aisi adaa apki dekhi aaj humne
dil ne kaha ki bas
yahi hai zindagi.

wo aapka muskura ke kabhi aasmaan ko dekhna
aur kabhi humein.