Ma, I Love You !

Shouted at you
Got irritated
Ordered you 
Asked for infinite favours
Each day, Every Day.

Laughed with you
Cried in your lap
Played with you
You let me win
Each time, Every time.

My first meal
My first steps 
My first words
My first day at school
All the important 'firsts' of my life
I owe to you
Each one of them, Every one of them.

That one more sip of milk
That one more bite of food
That one more extra sweater in winters
And that one more prayer for me
you wished
On Each occasion, Every occasion.

Ma, I love you.
There's not a better time to say this than NOW !
Please be my mom 
in each life, and every life !


Aprajita said...

Real good poem..
Right as said: The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth :D

Pratik Ghosh said...

nice job man..
where r u nowadays?
how's life?

Misha said...

really touching....
bachpan ki yaad aa gyi...

sam said...
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sam said...

Nice one aadi
naah actually the BEST one from THE ADITYA PATEL :)

Akanksha said...

hey gr8 poem adii...seriously...

chetna said...

I have yet to read a poem so simple and straightforward and at the same time is full of stories in itself.
The most innocent poem...

Anonymous said...

Nicely Written Dude.
Maza Aa Gaya.

Aditya Patel said...

Thank you friends !!

rishi said...

loved to read it.... :)

AcHiNtYa ShArMa said...

very nice yaar...

qwerty said...

really nice...

swatu said...

bohot pyari hai.. best gift 4 mother's day.. :)