Story of a loose morning

It's one of those mornings when you just relax, get up very late and feel like you have no tension in the world. But as soon as you have your cup of coffee or tea, you start remembering and things start popping out from your mind - this task, that task, and that cetera !

Few such things in my list today are:

1. Have to try for a free repair of my crashed hard drive.
2. Register for my CCNA exam, and start preparing for it seriously.
3. Trying to figure out my recently grown confusion about MS/M.Tech/MBA
4. Purchase a gift for my friend's birthday, before that I've to think about something different.
5. Start my physiotherapy and ultrasound sessions.
6. Finish the book I'm currently reading, pending book list is increasing day by day.
7. Install drivers to my laptop.

Uff.. the list is getting bigger n bigger :)
I better stop now.

Have a nice day people.

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