Finally, the Final Year

Reached JUIT just an hour ago. First thing which caught my attention is the lovely weather of July. Clouds everywhere, I almost forgot about it at home, that I'll be greeted by such a lovely weather. 

I also felt the 'senior' feeling for the first time truly now that we are the senior most people here. The power, the responsibility, the no-fear - almost everything related to being a senior came to my mind. 

Upon reaching the campus, I saw senior hostels where my favourite seniors and friends- Utkarsh Sir, Arun Sir, Gautam Sir, Rajan Sir- had their rooms. I suddenly remembered that this year'll be without them. Now there'll be no hanging out at Utkarsh Sir's room every night. Now there'll be nobody to guide me. And many other things which won't be there this time. 


Looking forward for an exciting semester. 


Utkarsh said...

Dude except the treat :P, everything would be the same.My guidance will always be there with you and perhaps JUIT...

Aditya ! said...