My Experiments With Truth (Review)

Autobiography of one of the greatest man to walk on this planet - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, this book had to be special. An ordinary book from an extra-ordinary man, it talks about Gandhi's life till 1930s. I personally feel that this book should be used as an extra textbook at the primary or secondary school level. Very highly recommended. A must read.

Recently the trend I've seen is that there are a large number of Gandhi-haters who without even knowing the TRUTH just go on-and-on speaking ill of the man. I've asked few of them, how can you be so sure about it? Pat comes their reply, 'Oh! I know'. And how do you know, when I  further question them they answer, 'There was a forward email, I read!!'.  

Can you believe it! I mean, it has become a fashion to hate Gandhi. I'm not a fanatic follower of him, but what I'm asking is that first be sure about your sources, have genuine information - then and then only raise fingers against him. Read my debate on Gandhi here.

Afterall the chap did what we could not do in 200 years. With one single weapon, non violence.

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