Jabalpur Diaries

Jabalpur Diaries
(17th Oct, 2009)

Diwali 09. It's my midsem break once again(we engineers get a lot of holidays you see!) so I’m back at Jabalpur. I came here in the morning by Jabalpur-New Delhi Superfast(Sridham Express). Luckily my maamaji was free so he came to pick me up at the Madan Mahal Station, which providentially spared me the headache of dealing(avoiding and bargaining) with the local Rikshawallas. So it was a nice ride back home, as always I curiously noticed the changes in the city. Ah! this building is new, oh the same pit used to be there on this road even 2 months ago, Vishal Pachauri still JDA chief? How is the new mall and the Big Bazar? These houses weren’t there earlier no? Mamaji answered all my queries with same enthusiasm.

Upon reaching home first thing was to meet Aanchal(my 1.5 yr old cousin). By the way, she forgot me once again and I had to pataao her fir se. The thing I loved most this morning was the tea! Mom makes such amazzzing tea that .. that.. yes, it renders me speechless.

I had an appointment with dentist(Dr Y C Chau – don’t go by his name, he’s a pakka jabalpuria. I know this for sure because he greeted me by saying “abbey! Kaa ho gaya tumko bey?”). Moving on to a more significant bit of experience: While I was driving I felt so being in love with Jabalpur. You can break as many signals as you want ;), you can drive on the wrong side, you can turn anywhere without giving a signal or indicator(that’s an art, another blog post on that later), people appearing out of the blues, you saying 'polite' words, they screaming 'polite' words. That’s the Jabalpur traffic for you. It’s a saying here that if you can drive in Jabalpur, you can drive anywhere in the world!!

Evening was usual. It was diwali so celebrated with my family by performing the regular Puja. My sister is not home this time so missed her too. The whole proceedings seemed faded without her. Also I realized how things change and how the energy, joy and zing that used to be there when we were young has jaded away. Then I went to Bade Papa’s house. In spite of trying my level best to say NO to crackers, I had to indulge in what is called ‘patakhe fodna’ with my 7 year old cousin. The kind of liveliness and fervor she had, I couldn’t say no to her. It reminded me of my childhood days(yes, I’m an uncle aged 23 now:D)

Day 1 of holidays was perfect. As usual. Hoping to meet some friends tomorrow.
Also this time I’ll try to meet one of my most admired and loved teachers.

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मन तू धीर धर 
अमन होगा अब न तू पीर कर
सत्यम शिवम् सुन्दरम का नाद होगा
विजय होगी हर्षोन्माद होगा 
चन्द्र की रजत रोशनी होगी 
और बहेगी भीनी भीनी समीर 
फिर आएगा आदित्य सुबह लेकर
तब बुलाएँगे तुझे सभी शेखर 
गौरव गीत बस तू गाता चल
रोता आया था, हंसता इस दुनिया से बढ़ |