Random Musings

It is like that moment when you want something so desperately and in the end when you get it, you realize the hidden futility. In your life you will definitely face this situation one day when all the wordly pleasures will be meaningless. What shall be done then? Should the pursuit of ultimate satisfaction, happiness, calmness and harmony be continued or not. If continued, we don't know whether we will achieve it or not. If achieved, we don't know whether it will be temporary or permanent. If permanent, we must realize that the path to this pursuit of ultimate goal is in itself a contradiction to what you are aiming.

Life is a challenge. Nobody has ever survived death, at least survive life. Live it full. Live it hard.

Final Moments

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying to share the nostalgic sad n sweet feeling about college life. It is time when most of our friends are leaving(due to early joining for Infosys), and we have realized that these four years were indeed one of the best days of our lives.

New friends were made,
hearts were broken and united,
late night maggi,
studying in groups before exams,
bunking lectures,
making fun of professors and then getting caught,
having patty n tea in tuck shop,
roaming on mall road,
visiting local McD's,
birthday bumps,
making fun of almost everything and everybody,
getting kicked out of library for talking,
playing truth and dare in cafeteria,
etc etc etc..
and a million other things.

These 4 years will be cherished forever.
Thank you buddies for making it so special.

Avatar - Wow!!

There are few movies that make you laugh, then there are few that make you cry, all sort of movies, bollywood masala flicks to hollywood sci fi movies. Avatar by James Cameroon deserves a special mention here, it is one movie which is well ahead of its time. You have to see the movie at least twice to hold the grasp of all the subtle points which it conveys so brilliantly. And beautifully.

The message is simple though. Give respect. To mother nature, to other people and to yourself. For the first time in movies I guess, earthlings are shown as a nagative character against a good alien clan. Avatar rings a bell that while there's still time, let's WAKE UP and do something - not that we are not doing anything to save earth - substantial to save our planet. Love life. Respect nature. And kill your greed.

I shall stop my pravachan on Avatar here, leaving the task of reviewing to lame experts. 

रब्बा तेरा हुलिया पता है मुझे!

मेरे मामा की एक साल की बेटी है आँचल. उस नन्ही सी परी को घर में खेलते देख मेरे अन्दर के कवि महाराज फड़फड़ा उठते हैं और कुछ ऐसा लिखते हैं,

या रब्ब
तुझे देखा न था अब तक
पर अब तेरा हुलिया पता है मुझे
गोल गोल क्यूट से गाल हैं तेरे
खूब मस्तियाँ करता है
हंसते हंसते रोता है
और रोते रोते हंसता है

मम्मा और मम मम ही बस बोलता है
खुशी में किलकारी मारता है कभी
और कभी बस एक टक देखता है
जानता हूँ सीख रहा है तू बहुत कुछ
दौड़ते दौड़ते धम्म से गिर जाता है
कैसा सा है,फिर भी खुश होता है तू

जब बहुत शरारत करता है तब तेरी पिटाई भी होती है
अम्मा है न वो जो तेरी, तुझसे बडा खीज जाती है तब
लेकिन जब तू आँखें बंद कर सो जाता है उसकी गोदी में
अपने छोटे छोटे हाथों से उसकी ऊँगली थामे
तब वो तुझे ऐसे देखती है
जैसे कि देखते ही रहेगी
लेकिन फिर तेरे कम्फर्ट का ख्याल करके
तुझे आराम से बिस्तर पे सुला देती है
ठण्ड न लगे इसलिए चादर उढ़ा कर
मच्छरदानी लगा देती है

रब्बा तू भी बडा अजीब है
कि तेरा भी कोई रकीब है
कहता है उसे तू मम्मा
मम्मा मम्मा मम्मा
जानता हूँ मैं तुझे अब
तेरा हुलिया पता है मुझे!

Kurbaan - a big let down

Its 3.15* AM(at the time of writing this) and I’m sleepy like hell. Still a few quick words on the movie. I normally write on a muvi either when its too good or too bad. This tym unfortunately for the muvi, its thumbs down. A big disappointment. Karan Jauhar can only write peppy romantic flicks. And rensil d'silva, the director, though he tried his best to make this one look cool and authentic, the muvi is just too artificial. I believe a big reason for muvi’s failure was that it came after New York. People have already seen enough of this USA+Islam thing on screen. I wonder what would be the fate of My name is khan, but I personally don’t have much expectations frm MNIK.
Coming back to Kurbaan, only gud thing in d muvi was kirron kher and its music. Vivek oberoi tries too hard to sound American but it just doesn’t wrk. Kareena has nothing left to do except crying in d second half. Saif was at his typical self, wowww..oye ye kya hai…wowww. And what the hell was with that song Rasiya. Producers had to just put in some steamy scenes between Saif n Kareena, so they used an age old formula of stealing important details where heroin pretends and seduces the hero. Disappointing, cinema has changed Mr. Johar, wake up now. Direction, screenplay, dialogues, execution were a big let down. A predictatble muvi throughout. I am still amazed how did it manage to get gud comments frm muvi critics. Are they biased over Karan Jauhar muvies or smthing?

If u hv seen the muvi, I pity u. If u hvnt, b8r stay away frm this one.