Final Moments

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop and trying to share the nostalgic sad n sweet feeling about college life. It is time when most of our friends are leaving(due to early joining for Infosys), and we have realized that these four years were indeed one of the best days of our lives.

New friends were made,
hearts were broken and united,
late night maggi,
studying in groups before exams,
bunking lectures,
making fun of professors and then getting caught,
having patty n tea in tuck shop,
roaming on mall road,
visiting local McD's,
birthday bumps,
making fun of almost everything and everybody,
getting kicked out of library for talking,
playing truth and dare in cafeteria,
etc etc etc..
and a million other things.

These 4 years will be cherished forever.
Thank you buddies for making it so special.


Raphael said...

i'm the first one to comment, means the rest of the people are hard at work....what can i say, that won' be cliched, that would make you feel better, nothing... except that you are going to remember these guys for the rest of your life...and life will be very cruel when dealing with your friendships....but it will all be alright in the end...cause every beginning is another beginnings end.

pavit.juit said...

yaar tune to jaate jaate centi kar diya....

you are gr8 boss...

dont stop blogging ever..

as i'll always look forward to read ur blogs and comment such gr8 works...

Aadii said...

I keep coming back here.
Only if moving on was easy :)