When a toy jeep ride meant 'on-top-of-the-world'

when fights were for an ice cream

when tears were emotional blackmailers

when dreams were not challenged

when the world was beautiful

when dad was a villain and mom was the savior

when life was everything but complications

when the days passed by.. just like that !

and when we smiled.. and smiled.. just like this  ..

I am some 4-5 years old in this snap. 


ख्वाब आँखों में कोरे थे जो
उनमें रंग तो कई भर लोगे
टिमटिमाते हुए लाखों हैं जो
आसमां से तारे वो चुन लोगे
जीत की चाह लिए चले थे
शिखर एक छू लोगे, कई छू लोगे
अपने अपने ढंग से जीते हैं सब
तुम भी जी लोगे

भूल न जाना बस अपने वजूद को
उस रकीब को, इस ज़मीर को

मिटटी से आया था
मिटटी में ही मिल जाएगा..
दे पाया मुस्कान किसी को
जीवन सफल बन जाएगा !!

A geeky analogy

Have this ever happened to you that you switch to a new thing while still having access to the old one, you start using this new thing and get accustomed to it. Suddenly you happen to visit/use the old thing and you realize that it was much simpler or easier or just the memories related with it comes back flying to your mind. Consider for example, a house. You move to a new location and get used to the surroundings – New living room, bathrooms, bedroom, terrace, nearby shops, lift et cetera. Now it so happens that you visit your old house. And bang, nostalgia! You remember how you did this, that, here and there, may be a smell or just a view from the balcony, how you sat in one particular place to watch television, how dad came every evening from office and sat on the sofa in that corner, your study room, how mom screamed ‘dinner is ready, come fast!’, and how you came running, screaming even harder and so on, so forth. Now all that is left are empty rooms, spooky dark corners and fishy smells. But you have made a trip down memory lane already, no matter what your old house looks like.

On a similar (but peculiar) note, almost same thing happened to me yesterday.

I had switched to Windows-7 almost a month ago while retaining the ever great Windows-XP as a secondary operating system on my laptop. Since then i was using my new cool looking OS. The features and controls which i was a bit apprehensive of in the beginning gradually became a custom. For instance, ‘Show Desktop’ feature is on the extreme bottom right corner in Windows-7, just besides the clock. Whereas on my Windows-XP desktop it used to be on the bottom left corner, besides the start button. It took some time for me to get acclimatized to this changed location (from bottom-left to bottom-right) of one of the most clicked place on my laptop. Yesterday i logged on to my old house i.e. Windows-XP. The desktop was clean with old icons, old menu bar and guess what, the geek in me became nostalgic and began reminiscing the old Windows-XP times.  Blah Blaah Blaaah. Let me have the pleasure of sparing you the technical details :-P

But just think for a moment, how many times does it happen that a small flare ignites the forest and brings back the memories of  sweet-old-times dancing before our eyes. Not often, but yes, past does COME ALIVE sometimes.

Nadiya Ke Paar

I loved Swades but did not write a blog post about it. Same goes with Lakshya, Dil Chahta Hai, Dor, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zamin Par and some 100 odd other hindi movies. however i’m writing a post on Nadiya Ke Paar. Why?  

Because i adore this movie. Because it beautifully captures the spirit of a north Indian village. Because considering the entertainers only, this film stands tall among the likes of all time great bollywood movies. Because it proves, what creativity, simplicity, great acting, direction and music can do, shelling millions of bucks cannot. Because if there’s any movie which needs the recognition it deserves, it is this. Because Hum Apke Hain Kaun was a remake of this movie.  

Nadiya Ke Paar tells the story of a farmer somewhere from Eastern UP who lives with his two nephews. He falls ill and is treated by a Vaidya who comes from another village. When the farmer feels okay, he asks the Vaidya for his fees. In return, the Vaidya asks for his son as his son-in-law to which farmer readily agrees. The farmer's eldest son Omkar (played by Inder Thakur) marries Vaidya 's elder daughter Roopa and they start living happily. Roopa gives birth to a baby. During Roopa's pregnancy her younger sister Gunja (Sadhana Singh) comes to live with her and falls in love with Roopa's brother-in-law Chandan (Sachin). Roopa comes to know of this and assures them that she will get them married, but she dies in an accident soon and nobody else knows about their affair. Their parents mutually decide to get Gunja married off to Omkar so that she could take care of her sister's baby. But in the last moments of the movie, their affair comes to everyone's notice and things are resolved. Chandan marries Gunja ultimately with everybody's consent.  

You have seen HAHK! So you knew that. Right? :-)  

Nadiya Ke Paar was released in 1982 and became a superhit. It ran houseful for years in a movie theatre in Allahabad. It is based on a Hindi novel by Keshav Prasad Mishra called "Kohbar Ki Shart". Although it captures only the first half of the novel with the change that Gunja gets married to Chandan in the movie. In the novel, the proposed marriage between Gunja and Omkar does take place and the story continues after that.  

Nadiya Ke Paar’s sheer simplicity sets it apart from its contemporaries. Ravindra Jain immortalized the songs with superb music and lyrics. Sachin and Sadhna were proficient as lead actors. Direction of Govind Moonis was brilliant. Rajshri Productions have some wonderful gems in their kitty, this one surely ranks very high among them(Best being HAHK, which ironically is a remake of NKP as i’ve already pointed). When you start the movie, you wish that this movie should never end. Especially the first half, totally fun. A must watch!