When a toy jeep ride meant 'on-top-of-the-world'

when fights were for an ice cream

when tears were emotional blackmailers

when dreams were not challenged

when the world was beautiful

when dad was a villain and mom was the savior

when life was everything but complications

when the days passed by.. just like that !

and when we smiled.. and smiled.. just like this  ..

I am some 4-5 years old in this snap. 


Misha said...

sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

hayee mera adopted beta...choooo chweeett.....the written matter is even better!!

Aditya ! said...


Raphael said...

you are looking quite cute...welcome to the "real" of luck

AnshuL said...

i like it !!

Aadii said...

@varunda, how did i miss that comment? :o

@anshul, :)