Fate, Infosys and Me !

Fate is strange. It cracks many jokes upon you, if you get those jokes: fine, if not, welcome to the majority. In December 2009, I cleared the selection process for Infosys technologies to become one of the 20,000 software engineers it hires approximately every year in India. I was elated. Relieved.

But back then, i had planned different things for my career: a Master's degree from any decent US university, followed by 2-3 years of international work-ex. For this reason, i already knew that i am not going to join Infosys(or Infy, as it is affectionately called in the circle). I was waiting for results from the universities i had applied to. After i got the job, an excited ‘me’ posted this to my Facebook / Orkut / Gtalk / Twitter status:

One thing i've observed and realized with my (fellow) today’s generation is that everyone's trying to be different from each other. But isn’t it the case always, the fight for being different, being ahead. Throughout the history, human beings knowingly or unknowingly have been a part of this rat race. It just got intense and cruel in modern times. Only poor thing - according to my humble perception - is that people(specially teenagers) end up becoming a mere 'ordinary' in their quest for being the 'extra-ordinary'. I look around myself, see my fellow pals doing 'cool' things to be different, and i can't stop laughing upon them. I am not ridiculing anyone, I just see beyond certain things. And yes, the show-off-younger-Gen-X i mentioned, i am also one of them. I can deny this fact brashly, but i won't, in fact i can’t. Perhaps that's the reason, i posted such status and tried to show off my uber-cool attitude.

Anyway, let’s not deviate from the topic :)

I was telling ki i got through Infy selection process and decided against joining it. However apne Uncle-the-Supremely-Powerful God ji (aka destiny aka fate aka time) had different plans for me. I was absolutely unaware of the things that were to change the course of my life, at least the life as i had planned.

3 MS admits, 3 IT companies, 3 ignored Date-of-Joinings and a hell lot of things later: Yours truly is now joining Infosys. What happened in between, please let’s not go into that. Oh, i know i know, your eyebrows have tightened up and you are making that weird look now, which one makes after reading a last-page-missing-suspense-thriller. Ha! Got Ya! Nonetheless here’s the last tidbit of my story. I had applied for an extension in Infy joining date, which luckily has been granted.

The lesson learnt here is that don’t expect things to go as per your plan. It is ‘he’ who plans. It is ‘his’ choice. You just keep giving your cent percent with a broad grin in whatever you do. All iz Well, and inshaallah, All will be Well !

Whatever. Huh!


Praphull said...

Nice move that was.. applying for extension...
Anyways... Welcome :)

Aditya ! said...


Abhishek said...

Destiny sometimes............. or maybe most of the times in not always a matter of choice.............. Things become matter of chance and we have to accept our share of opportunities.

Welcome to Infosys ........... I will not boast but u'll never regret it. :)

Ana said...

Same pinch I would say. I kicked both the companies Infy n Accy n then attended training in both of them, wat if it ws fr 30 n 3 days resp.
Well, nobody knows what tht fate has in plans fr us. All we can do is play our moves, but the deiciding move is the one from the other side. :)

Aditya ! said...

@abhishek sir, that's really motivating sir :)

@ana, hota hai dost..achche ke liye hota hai sab.. :)

Misha said...

hee hee..
thats why we say 'plan ur future...but do it in PENCIL'... :)
muving back n forth is hw we play in chess... rite?? :)
thats how we win!
all the best!

Sach! said...

'He' always has 'His' own sweet ways! (and sweeter reasons)
Be positive..
MS can wait! Sad for JHU lost..

aakhir KAB tak?? said...

I believe there is an extraordinary-pan in being ordinary.....kyunki aj kal sab show off hi hai! baaki na jaane what's in store for u lekin jo hota hai bla bla......karke samja le khud ko!
P.S.--kya tu sach mein itna "ordinary" hai ki drama karta hai :P :) ??!!

swati Patel said...

hehe.. well i wud say u'v been way too lucky.. its gud though.. amitabh bacchan says 'mann ka ho to accha, na ho to aur accha".. gud luck :)

SHUBH said...

The lesson learnt here is that don’t expect things to go as per your plan. It is ‘he’ who plans. It is ‘his’ choice. You just keep giving your cent percent with a broad grin in whatever you do. All iz Well, and inshaallah, All will be Well !

deevana bana diya sir in lines ne .Peoples understand these ...late of their life but you are thinking earlier and hence me too :)

Aditya ! said...

haha...thnks shubham :)

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Raphael said...

fair enough life gives you lemons, start liking the taste....congrats on ur joining

kalpana said...

Always wanted to know why u didn't join JHU then???

Aadii said...

@Kalpana, Long story :D