Random Bakvaas - about this BLOG

This is a kind of post which i should have written on my blog's anniversary or some made up occasion like that, but here i am, just blabbering out certain things. 

Let me start with this. Why do i keep changing the look of this blog? Beauty pleases everyone, and i don't want to be an exception here :-) Therefore i keep trying different themes. I personally like bright vibrant themes with white background for the text, it enhances the readability - i think.

About the blog title and subtitle. FYI(For Your Information) "ये जीना भी कोई जीना है लल्लू !" is a line from a song(from Amitabh Bachchan's movie Mr. Natwarlal). In the beginning the blog had a different name which i can't even remember now. Once i tried this title, i fell in love with it. And NOW this particular line gives identity to the blog :-). About the subtitle - "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." -  it is a quote by Cyril Connolly. I added this particular line to my blog in September 2009. Why? Because i loved it. Because i (try to) follow it on my blog. Simple.

Now that "ये जीना भी कोई जीना है लल्लू !" is getting some readers, i'm happy that i've some critics too. Almost everything on this blog is written by yours-truly :D and it is very obvious that you cannot like everything i write. There are many readers(mostly friends) who come here and don't comment on the posts. It is  a humble request that please DO COMMENT on anything you like(you can leave quietly if you don't like something...shhhhh ;-). BTW, I love to have discussions. 

That's all i guess. Please keep reading and keep commenting. No matter how much i lay stress upon the fact that i write for myself, it still requires some motivation to CARRY ON :D


priyanka said...

hehe..u said PLEASE DO COMMENT...so here goes my comment again..
as usual nicely written..but i knew abt this thing (abt ur blog):)

Arun Dhiman said...

:-) smile :-)

Raphael said...

nice bit of trivia, i knew the yeh jeena bhi koi jeena hai lallu bit....i love that song....and congrats on running a blog for so long....my blog is an year old too now....maybe i'll write something like this there too.....thank you for the inspiration

rina said...

hi!this is for a friend..mind telling me after how many days from your original doj,were you granted the extension? it wud be very kind of u to reply me back on my mail..as i believe this area is only for posting comments..please do so...i'd b really greatfull to u..i'm in dire need for this info..nd can they gv u the extension after abt 2-3 wks frm ur original date if requested??? my mail id is sehgalrina@gmail.com