A journey to remember..

Why is it that when you think everything is going fine, you get a shocker! Technically speaking, life to me seems more like a sine curve, one moment there’s a positive curve and the very next moment you get a negative patch. Bad experiences make good stories, this is one of them.

It was Diwali vacations 2010 and I had to travel to Jabalpur from Bangalore. My AC sleeper train ticket was waitlisted but I was quite sure that it will be confirmed before the journey. I reached the station some 2 hours before departure, waiting anxiously for the reservation chart to get prepared – I was checking and rechecking my PNR waiting status every 5 minutes, as I get very tensed in such situations. Finally when the chart got prepared my then worst fear became true – I could NOT get a confirmed seat and my eTicket was auto-cancelled(bloody Murphy!!). Shocked and dejected, I was now without a ticket for the 2000 kms journey. 

I started evaluating my options. ‘I could take a flight to Nagpur and then a bus from there’, I thought. ‘No that would be too expensive!’ - replied my another instinct. I went to a travel agent and enquired about flights, there were few indirect flights but the price was beyond anything I had expected – a whopping Rs 30,000/- !! I looked for train availability but because of the Diwali festive rush, every train was running jam packed. I even thought of cancelling the journey and returning back to Mysore.

I believe in the power of thoughts and law of attraction (yes, as described in the book/documentary – ‘The Secret’). But it is something which you cannot do deliberately, it just happens. All this while, my mind was buzzing with mixed positive and negative thoughts. I kept pushing myself to the positive side every time a negative one edged in. When I look back now, I guess I knew somewhere deep inside that ‘I don’t have to return back to Mysore, that I’ll manage to go today, that I’ll be home soon’.

And then it happened. Call it immense fate, sheer coincidence or whatever – I came across a group of 5 people(not related to each other). They had a Sleeper class ticked for 6 passengers which they had managed from some agent. The ticket was for 6 different people, who had cancelled their journey and sold it to the agent. These people I met, they were looking for the 6th person to join them, a 22 year old male – because the ticket had these details “M 22”. I’m 23 so I almost perfectly filled in as their missing piece :)

I got along with them, learnt my temporary name from the reservation chart(“Naveen”) :) and we discussed to remain composed when the TTE comes. The following lines I wrote down in my diary while travelling:

“I’m writing this as I sit here as some Naveen-M-22 in S6-3 Upper Berth. TTE came 10 minutes ago. We showed him the ticket. Everything went smoothly. Just as the TTE left, we 6 people – the family of strangers, smiled at each other, each one of us being a witness to yet another of those amazing God’s tricks.”

Bad experiences make good stories. Don’t they? :)


Swati said...

whoa!! didnt know all dis..!! nice.. :)

*NaVdEeP* said...

maastt hai bhai sahab...... eagerly wwwaiting 4 ur next bad experiance. :P

Dushyant said...

Ghar to pahuch gaye, ab milne Hyderabad bhi to aao bhai...

Rutuparna said...

Good one. I have faced similar incidence.
I enjoyed reading this.

Aadii said...