Long Lost Love

I have always believed that what you truly love will reach out to you, come what may! Now whether you deserve it or not, is a different matter altogether.

Few years ago we met, and I fell in love. Yes, I was the idiot to fall for the trap (no not crap, trap!) called 'love'. I don’t know how or why or even when, yet somehow I knew I was in love. And I would have never known this, if it wasn’t for that moment which separated us. One bloody moment that was!

Circumstances had turned out such that we could no longer be together. Absence makes you realize someone’s real worth – that’s exactly what happened to me. I got to know new definitions of love, each one more profound than the previous one. Cravings became deeper as days passed. I tried everything I could but life is a river which moves at a ferocious pace, you just cannot remain glued to anything. Yes, you can flow together if you find a glue powerful enough to hold you as one. Okey, okey! coming back to the point. So here I was, all sad and gloomy. Trying with all my might........ but lost love cannot be wooed back easily. Days had become dull, and nights were murkier. It felt as if every sad song was created for me. Frustration kept growing, there was so much to say but I felt like if I had lost my voice, my soul!

Then one day it happened, and I can tell you the sun was brighter that day, air felt scented, i could relate to all the happy songs now, my black’n white life had become colorful for I had found my voice back, my expression, my passion back. I had found………………… MY blog back :)

Yes, the love in this post is that for this blog. I had to stay away from blogging for some 6 months because of Infy training. But, I’m BACK now. I hope i can bug you folks with more vigor and ferocity.
Wish me luck. Amen!


Swati said...

lol.. bahane to dekho!.. haha.. bt nice one.. truly described d feelings ur true 'love' :P

Raphael said...

hehhehehehe, nice to see that you are back man...

Aha!DITYA said...


and the crap begins again :)

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