'Questions are never silly, answers are.'

When I heard this line for the first time, it amused me. I am a person known for asking too many questions. In school, one of my teachers even punished me for asking silly-useless-pointless questions. Her argument was that I was disturbing and slowing down the whole class, specially when we were lagging behind the schedule to finish the syllabus. It was 9th standard Physics, this particular teacher, in fact liked me as I was the topper(Andhon mein kaana raaja! you see :D ) of the class. After that encounter, questions became my enemies and I vowed not to ask any more questions and still top the class(add to this reason, that my teenage hormones were at their peak!). I did top the class, scoring full in Physics. But that was the first time, I began to question my questions. I started thinking, pondering over things before asking them to anybody else.

When I went to Kota to prepare for IIT JEE at Bansal classes, I was amidst the bunch of kids who were said to be the best in JEE aspirants. I was intrigued, awed by some of them. Hence I began to hesitate while asking questions in the class. But, as they say, old habits don’t die easily, I still asked more questions than my fellow students. I think, this too much awe led to my disastrous performance at IIT JEE 2 years later. I don’t know and now I don’t care either.

As I reached college, I was taught by the kind of professors from whom it was pointless to ask doubts. Most of them were simply not competent enough to answer simple questions. Moreover, it was the college life, where learning in the class took a back seat giving way to bunking classes, reading novels during lectures and mostly accepting everything as a fact and understanding it in a way just to clear the exams. I guess the US universities that have offered me admission for Graduate studies, would die out of shock at these bitter truths. Of course, I learned in college. But the questions were answered either by experimenting myself, discussing with friends or Googling! Not in the classrooms as they were supposed to be.

From questions beginning with ‘What is a Lion, Pa?’ to 'When a person uses toilet in a flying air-plane, how come the shit doesn't fall off to the ground?' to ‘Can we dig a hole in Earth deep enough to emerge out from the other side?’ to 'How can i change an Android app to make it work on iOS?' to 'What is Life?' to 'Why is Life?', I think my tryst with questions has come a long way, is still on and will remain so, hopefully, in the times to come. And if there's one thing i've realized, it is this - Questions are never silly, silly! Answers are.


Raphael said...

nice topic to write on...i'm also a colleague of yours when it comes to questioning....but i too stop myself at the behest of my friends in college....but still i agree old habits die hard

Aha!DITYA said...

yepp... :)

Dushyant said...

Stopped questioning for a long while. Then came back with more zeal than I would have imagined earlier. From more number of questions, to the right questions. Learned all these thanks to my friends :)

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Tushar said...

Your blog page looks beautiful! :)