Fall Colors

Fall is, the season of colors, the season of pleasant weather and like all other seasons, the season of change as well. It is that time of the year when the leaves start changing their color from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. You don't usually get to see this phenomenon in India, in fact I understood the fuss around Fall only after coming to US. And boy, wasn't it gorgeous! Just having a look around ripple wonders because what you witness is nature-talking-in-colors. Trees completely change their costumes from green to an all new colorful fabric. When the wind blows at slightly higher than normal speeds, the leaves start falling, creating what I call 'the Mohabattein effect'. 

I go to my work place by the university shuttle, it was last week I guess when I was talking to the driver about fall colors. It was a lovely neighborhood we were passing through, she told me that the houses there were very expensive and she would love to have a house like that - oak wood doors, large backyard, patio with a wooden railing and two swinging armchairs, a porch swing for the kids, two pet dogs - Labradors perhaps, high ceilings, a terrace on the top floor, two bedrooms, a room for the occasional guests, a big kitchen, drawing room with adjacent dining area, some nice carpet and wallpaper... 

Indeed, they were beautiful houses surrounded by trees and lots of open space. I drew her attention to the fall colors by praising the trees around, she agreed. The trees stood in all their glory, some of them old and experienced, some were seeing their first fall, some waved like a dancing madman to the symphony of the wind, some - the bamboos - tried to touch the skies, some of them looked humble, while some seemed vile, talking among themselves as if bitching about mankind. I kept staring at them till we crossed the neighborhood. It was peaceful. Serene. Leaves turn from green to yellow to orange to burgundy to brown before eventually falling from the trees. If you spare a thought, our lives are no different than the leaves.

The driver didn't pay attention to my musings and concentrated more on driving. I didn't mind, I thought the Americans never ponder over things that really matter. But I was wrong as I later realized, we were looking at the same things, same houses, same trees, same leaves, the same neighborhood; I saw the fall colors, she saw a future. 


Rehab Chougle said...

This is such a pretty picture. And the words are beautiful!

Aadii said...

Thank you!