Simple things

Simple things in life are actually not so simple. We often make things more complicated than needed. The kind of enviornment you are in, the kind of movies you see, books you read, and these days - the kind of blogs you read, twitter timeline etc; they all carve out a thinking pattern in you. What this conditioning does to you is that, you start overanalyzing things. Best example can be kids. Give them a problem and they'll approach it in the most innocent way possible. Of course, maturity and experience is needed to tackle more complicated problems but a fresh untainted approach sometimes helps more than the regular ones. 
The other day, me and my friend were talking to my computer lab's Network Administrator. He is a very knowledgable guy. We were obviously very impressed by all the stuff he knew, so we asked him how did he learn this much? He said, it's pretty simple, 'you should be willing to Re-Documentation'. And my conditioned mind started analyzing the phrase 'Re-Documentation'. Wow! Unlearn what you've already learnt, Re-Document what is already documented in your brain. The conversation ended and we came back. But it was only after a few hours that i realized what he had said. I was working on a tool and going through its manual, i suddenly realized that he didn't say "Re-Documentation", instead he had said: "Read Documentation!!". Such a simple thing, if you've to learn something technical you've to read about it and then learn.
Only if i could think like a child again! 

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