Remember when you were a kid, what happiness meant to you? 

An ice cream?
Your favorite TV show?
School announced to be off due to some election, or rain?
Arguing with all your might for a wicket in gully cricket?
Persuading your mother successfully to take you to the amusement park, or a movie?
Talking to your dog?
Your dad scrubbing your back while telling you a bedtime story for the umpteenth number of time?
Attention catching birthdays?
Your mom allowing you to hold your baby sibling?
Gossipping with your best friend for hours?

Happiness comes in strange ways.
Of course you didn't notice. You were too busy growing up! :) 


Raphael said...

Jungle book dekhna...
remembering that a chocolate is left in the fridge...and a million small things...
happiness isn't what it used to be...well written man

Aadii said...

ye chocolate wala to ekdam mast hai

Anonymous said...

AAH! Brilliant reminder ..

*sharpening pencils and keeping them carefully in your new pencil box*
*First time use of pen in school*
*Buying audio cassettes with your saved up money*

SKB :)

Aadii said...

Ye audio cassettes wala toh main bhi karta tha :D :D

R said...

Kulfi Icecream + Archie Comics

Aadii said...

Ah! The list's growing =)