The girl who never smiled

"The girl who never smiled"

It was one of those rainy days
When the fragrances from damp soil, crispy-roasted-corn and life intermingled
I was on a street side waiting for the bus
When i saw her for the first time
Pretty and sad, yes, it was her
The girl who never smiled.

Days flew by
the sights became regular
my initial glances turned into little conversations
apparently we had a lot in common
our destination was the same
so was our journey
We used to come almost at the same time
At the same bus stop
I had found a friend in her
so had she (i hope)
But there was always this one thing
as beautiful and lovely she was
She was still the girl who never smiled.

One day i asked her
Why do you not smile
or laugh or grin or beam or chuckle
Are you not happy?
Is everything okay?
She didn't say anything
just looked outside the window of our moving bus
I knew somehow not to ask this question again.

Despite not smiling
She wasn't hesitant to talk
I mean -- she never started a conversation
but always answered my nothings
"Do you like that song?"
"Do you like that actor?"
"Who is he?"
"Do you like to dance?"
"What did you get in lunch today?"
"I don't know!"
"Do you like rain?"
"Who doesn't!"
"Should i stop talking?"

I think i had taken a liking for this girl
or was it love? Who cares anyway what you call it.
So what if she never smiled
Everyone smiles -- sooner or later
We all find a reason; the reason.
I knew i will see her smile
Some day.

After many more days
That day arrived
It was another rainy day
just like the one when i had first seen her
She was as always on time to the bus-stop
I was a little agitated by rain until i saw her
She was smiling
Ah! What a sight it was
Better than a million rainbows
Better than a billion sunrises by the sea
I wondered what was different until I noticed
On this day
Unlike other days
Her mother didn't come alone to drop her
(Oh! Did i forget to mention that we go to pre-school together?)
Her father was there too
She told me later that her father worked somewhere far away
And that now he had come back to his little princess.

And thus she smiled, and laughed, and beamed with joy
The girl who never smiled! 


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oh so sweet ...that! :)

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